Garden Party Classic Tapestry with Rod

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In a small world driven by mass production, the uniqueness of a wall tapestry is a wonderful alternative to the monotony of many other decor options, as it enables the art lover to indulge their artistic preference whilst creating a connection with history, and giving greater depth to a room's virtuosity. If you have a taste for the romantic and tranquil pastoral landscapes of the French Courts of Louis XIV, Garden Party offers a beautiful and faithfully reproduced version of the original. The "Classic" treatment is a new weaving technique whereby the tapestry fabric is woven in such a manner as to impart an "aged" or "antique" look to the fabric - previously possible with hand woven or genuine antique tapestry fabric only.


Dimension: Width 135cm x Height 181cm

  • Tapestry is woven on a traditional jacquard loom to look "aged" or "antique".
  • Tapestry is backed with cotton lining and a loop for a decorative rod, and includes small weights.
  • Includes an antique gold brass plated telescopic rod with fleur de lys finials.
  • Paris Salon, French Country & traditional Styles.
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