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Welcome to the Indian Decorating Style, where you will discover an exquisite range of quality tables, chairs, furniture and decorating accessories to create a unique Indian look.

Indian decorating is rich and exotic, symbolic and spiritual, magical and very relaxed. arm colour schemes based on muted tones of purple, raspberry and orange, with small accents of gold, green or turquoise will set the scene. If you prefer a softer scheme, use a neutral base, adding some of the deeper jewel colours as accents. Add vibrancy through patterns, such as he famous paisley, or other geometric and floral designs. Pattern is an essential part of Indian design and can be displayed in authentic sari curtains, throws, wall hangings, canopies, cushions and wallpaper. Flooring such as dark hardwood or pale, neutral ceramic tiles provide a backdrop for the warmth of beautifully woven rugs and the mainstay of Indian decorating-fascinating furniture.

Choose from low hand sawn pieces that are ornately carved, rustic and whimsical, such as stools, chairs, tables, screens, shutters and doors that frequently change their place and their function. For example, an elegant carved door can easily transform into a table top. Often these pieces are abundantly decorated, sometimes inlaid with camel bone and riveted or rimmed with metallic strips. Cabinets and screens are important elements of the interior design, as are nests of table stools, each feature beautifully carved and richly decorated surfaces. The art of resin and lacquering has also created elaborate and elegant bone inlay furniture that encapsulates the age-old charm of Jaipur. White metal furniture made famous in the palaces of Rajasthan is yet another traditional style that will give your Indian scheme authenticity and visual appeal.

Accessories include, ornately carved wooden figurines, wrought iron lighting, candlesticks and wall art, richly textured silver mirrors and large metal trays. To complete the meditative ambiance, add bowls of flower heads, floating candles, and Indian fragrances.

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Indian Furniture

Indian Furniture

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