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How To Add Organic Style To Your Home

There are many ways to add natural touches with organic furniture to your home and it has certainly emerged as a key trend for 2020 and beyond. Lines are softening, shapes are being redefined and earthy colours are connecting us with the natural world in ways that feel fresh but timeless. This is a design movement that is all about comfort and can be worked into almost any interior style, meaning it is a trend that is totally future-proof. Let’s explore how you can bring the look home with shape, colour and materials that will give you all the organic feels.

Organic Furniture is a Key Trend for 2020 and Beyond

Why is organic furniture resonating so strongly with us right now? Could it be that with our fast-paced, tech-heavy lives, we are looking for a cocoon-like sanctuary when we come home? Design experts and trend-watchers certainly believe this is the case. With ‘busy’ the new normal, we want to come home to a soft, sanctuary where we can feel connected to nature when our day is finished. Sustainability and wellness have also been gaining traction in all aspects of design for some time now and the time is right for all these factors to fall perfectly into sync.


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1. Natural Curves 

What kind of organic furniture is trending? Leading the way is the sofa. Yes, even our sofas are telling us that in 2020, we all need a good warm hug. Lines are softening and curved sofas that cocoon and embrace are becoming popular and replacing all the straight edges we came to know (and love) in minimalism. The redefining of silhouettes is not limited to sofas though. Stay ahead of the design curve with vases in irregular shapes that positively revel in their handmade aesthetic, cosy corner chairs with rounded edges, circular rugs and, of course, woven baskets.


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 2. Earthy Tones are Essential

It is not news that colour is back. But the colour wheel has changed direction slightly and we will definitely be seeing more earth tones in all spaces. Terracotta, pastel apricot, and all the tones in between are definitely trending and, with pastels also a big hit right now, there are some absolutely gorgeous and unexpected pairings all over Pinterest at the moment. Lilac and earthen brown? Pink and rust? Mustard and dusty pink? Yes, yes and yes. These are all combinations that shouldn’t work but, held down by an abundance of indoor plants and surrounded by raffia, they do.


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3. Focus on Natural Materials and Handmade Vibes

Some materials are an instant shortcut to an earthy, organic space. Chic jute mats underfoot provide a visual and sensory reminder of the outside world, as do raffia pendant lights hanging overhead. Essentially, anything that appears handmade or provides buckets of texture will create an organic design moment. Carved wooden bowls, textile wall art, stone or concrete pots are other ways to dip your toe into organic furniture trend if you’re not quite ready for a major interiors overhaul. 



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