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3 Simple Ways To Let The Light Shine In Your Home This Winter


There's no denying it, these long, dark winter days take more than a little sparkle and pep out of our step and the same can be said for our home interiors. The lack of abundant sunshine and bright natural light tends to darken the mood and ambience of our homes not to mention that it casts gloomy shadows into rooms where once brilliant daylight flowed freely. How do you combat this seasonal change in interior light come winter? With clever, strategic and ever so chic lighting, that’s how! We’ve compiled our top tips into an easy how-to guide that will have the light shining brightly in your home all winter long.



The key to creating a warm, cosy and inviting interior this winter comes with even light distribution. Think low-level lighting, with lamps placed across each room, rather than relying on one central pendant light to emit enough central light to reach all the dark corners of your space. Using low-level lamps allows you to evenly scatter pockets of light thus creating a warm, seasonally “hygge” atmosphere. In bedrooms, this can mean adding in a corner floor lamp to complement pre-existing bedside table lamps whilst in the living room the options are endless, from statement floor lamps and essential table lamps to soft clusters of pendants there is no doubt that lighting is integral to achieving a cosy, gently illuminated home interior. 


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When selecting lighting for your home interior the tran-seasonality of the lighting “material” should always be kept forefront of the mind. No matter the season your lighting should always provide perfect illumination to your home, light, bright and airy in summer and invitingly cosy and warm in winter. Wooden and ceramic  shades and bases are hugely on trend and are gorgeous for use all year round as they soften any harsh light that may be emitted. Other on-trend materials being used in lighting construction is rattan, cane and wicker, these natural materials are a fabulous way to introduce warm, earthy organic texture into your interior. 


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By placing lamps in front of mirrors or on top of a mirrored table, you can instantly double the amount of light in a room. Using mirrored surfaces in a dark room helps to instantly lift and brighten the space. Any available light will bounce right off the mirror or mirrored surface and right back into your interior! This is an amazing trick to use in living rooms, where a mirrored side table can be utilised to full effect when paired back with a table lamp during those cooler winter days. MIrrors have been having their moment in the sun as of late and are popping up on mantles, hall tables and bedroom dressers everywhere, coincidently these are all fabulous places to position a lamp for maximum illumination over the winter months. Entryways and hallways really do set the tone of the interior of a home, however, they are often just that little bit darker in nature due to the absence of natural light.

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