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There are standards and guidelines for most furniture, and this is also true of dining tables — such a central and communal item that can be used daily and yet can also be left aside when life gets creative and spontaneous. Dining tables are a place to gather and to nourish, to connect and to take time out. They can also be gorgeous pieces in their own right, enough to stand alone without much purpose except to be decorated with a burst of flowers. The world of dining tables is one to explore with an open heart for all the styles and possibilities.


Why buy a round dining table?

No matter the space, your dining table will always be a place to gather and to nourish, to connect and to take time out. The round table invites everyone and all activities in with no sharp edges or corners to navigate — curvaceous so that big parties can flow and intimate parties can be both close and vibrant, even in rooms that feel built for larger purposes. And for smaller spaces — kitchen nooks and in between rooms, round tables bring both style and practicality, suggesting a café or diner vibe and fitting into unusual layouts.

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What is the best height for a dining table?

As this essential home piece is built for both calm and vitality, and for every day connection, the standard height of dining tables tends to be between 71-76cm, which hovers just above belly height for most adults when seated, giving comfort with plenty of movement. This height is only a little too tall for the smallest humans, who have a whole range of seating designs to bring them closer to the table and the party.
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What can a dining table be used for?

Always there for a spontaneous spread of food and friendliness, consider a dining table for so many other of life’s purposes: as a kitchen prep space, or a sneaky desk (that doesn’t feel like a workspace) or shelves and display space for indoor gardens. Dining tables are also especially fabulous platforms for artists, however self-declared, especially sculptors and technical artists creating work from raw materials — the dining table is often at the right waist height for focused handiwork, so that creations can be seen at eye level and the flat spread of the able allows the artist to see from all perspectives.
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Can you use a dining table outside?

Ceramic and cement tables make great, and often sculptural outdoor pieces, especially for an important occasion when throwing the more luxurious garden party with the warmth and structure of indoors merging with nature. Wooden tables also bring an elegant countryside vibe in an urban garden, though get to know your timbers and embrace the weathered look or have a refuge for your dining table in the wet seasons — the world of tablecloths is as varied and dynamic as the pieces they drape across, for example!
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Taylor Concrete Dining Table Grey and Brass

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Taylor Concrete Dining Table Grey and Black

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Hamburg Bistro Table

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