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A rug is such a simple luxurious that they have become decor essentials. They bring layers of comfort and design to all rooms of a home and a sense of versatility and flexibility — they provide endless possibilities for carpeted floors that otherwise remain the same over time. And as lush layers atop clean and modern hardwood or tiled floors, they bring story and texture. Then the question is: cotton or jute? We say: embrace both throughout a home. Here are your everything questions answered.


Why Choose a Jute Rug?

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It’s like bringing nature inside — jute rugs are earthy, sturdy and textured. They can feel like sunshine in large indoor rooms, especially those that are heavily furnished — libraries or studies where there is lots of human stuff that dominates the décor, from books and papers to actual humans. They are also fabulous to pair with colourful and designed wool or cotton rugs, balancing a spacious room’s aesthetic with neutral vibes. Jute rugs are also easy to maintain on a daily level with a quick run over with the brush tool on the vacuum cleaner. Downsides: Jute rugs are quite absorbent, so can become mouldy if hanging out in wet areas, so avoid laying them in bathrooms and kitchens.


Will a Jute Rug Scratch Hardwood Floors?

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Well, yes it’s possible. This is a downside of Jute rugs, however, there are some simple ways to… Or embrace it should the impact happen over time, creating a rustic, weathered look to your hardy floors. Most jute rugs will come with an underlay and there are two types to choose from:


  • non-slip: which are rubberized and create traction between the floor and rug
  • felt: which are soft, plush and inspired gentle handling, as they aren’t so sticky to the floor, so are less “non-stick”
Also consider jute rugs that are woven with other luxurious materials — chenille that brings a lustrous look and feel for play time and lay about sessions, dappled with natural light; or leather for hearty, elegant accents.

What is a cotton braided rug?

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Classic, cosy and versatile, these textured pieces are always an option of colour and comfort, especially in bedrooms, spacious kitchen and dining rooms and living areas. Braiding three cottons together to create a hearty, feminine effect, these are a traditional look that can be modernized in minimalist decors or bring a bit of history gently into rooms that embrace a myriad of eras and designs.


How to Clean a Cotton Rug

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Simplicity is one of the beauties of cotton, and that applies to keep your cotton rugs clean. Treat your cotton rug like a beloved, luxury piece: gently and yet with regularity.
  • Wash by hand with a mild and mildly fragranced detergent
  • Delight in a sponge or a soft brush to get some vigour in there.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water mixed with a dash of white vinegar in cool water to remove residue.
  • Roll your rug inside a thick towel, then stand on it to remove as much moisture as possible.
  • Choose a mildly sunny day for extra natural cleaning while she dries.



All images are sourced via Pinterest - click here to see originals and more inspiring imagery


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