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The Today Guide To Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be your haven, a space where you can fully relax and shut away the craziness of the outside world. There are so many ways to achieve this bedroom sanctuary, but the starting blocks are choosing the right furniture for your room, obviously starting with the bed. Whether it is a focal point or more practical, this is the crux of getting the whole feel precisely how you like it.  



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Keeping things simple and clearing up any clutter will aid in the calming feel of your bedroom. White linen sheets and muted colours will help kick start a fresh clean sleeping routine and a plant never goes a miss. 




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Mixing colour palettes can change your bedroom from predictable to a cleverly constructed space where the different tones accentuate each other and produce depth and character. Having a selection of textures too can works a treat, rugs, throws and bed linens can make a real statement. 




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Investing in well-crafted pieces of bedroom furniture will set you up for a room that isn't just beautiful, but practical too. A solid chest of drawers, bookshelves, deep cupboards are all part of this core range, and let's not forget the infamous chair that bares all our thrown garments. 



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Now you have the chance to really have your personal touch on your bedroom. Fluffy cushions, large scale floor mirrors, and cotton rugs, it's entirely up to you! Don't be afraid to experiment with patterns, textures and colours, as we previously said, putting different shades and fabrics can create a perfect contradiction. 

All images sourced via Pinterest. Click here to see originals and more styled imagery.

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