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10 Iconic Chair Designs That Have Stood The Test of Time 

One special item of furniture is the chair. Functional, yet the chosen chair can say so much about you, your style and how you like to live. Everyone should own at least one iconic chair – or a contemporary version of the chair – that means more than something to sit on. 

An iconic chair can bring an accent to your home in the simplest of ways. When thinking exactly what chair you would like to introduce to your space, consider which era of chair will best suit your style. Today there are so many quality reproductions on timeless designs, often with a modern twist on a classical design, but as always, if a single chair is going to spark joy, spend as much as you need to evoke that feeling. 


 1. The Wishbone Chair

A timeless icon of Danish design, the iconic Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner holds a special place in the world of modern design. When designing the Wishbone Chair, Wegner developed the characteristic Y-shaped back that the Wishbone Chair is named after. Many steps are required to produce the Wishbone Chair, gaining the simple, yet delicate design recognition as one of the more ideal chairs ever designed.


2. The Panton Chair

The classic chair in the history of furniture design, the Panton chair was designed by Verner Panton in 1960. Developed for serial production in 1967, the Panton was the first chair to be made entirely out of plastic in one single piece. The comfort of this chair results from the combination of structure with shape and a slightly flexible material. It can be used individually or in groups and is suited for indoor and outdoor environments. 


3. The Cesca Chair

The Cesca Chair was first introduced by Knoll in 1968. Informed by the principles of the Bauhaus and the designer's revolutionary innovations in material, the simple, yet outstanding, design resonates just as much as it did over ninety years ago.


4. The Butterfly Chair

The iconic, vintage-style leather butterfly chair has been ergonomically designed for full relaxation after a busy day. Its iconic butterfly design perfectly captures the Boho vibe, hence it’s contemporary popularity, especially in sunny climates such as Australia. 

 5. The Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona chair is designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, for the German Pavilion at the International Exposition of 1929, hosted by Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The timelessly casual, yet elegant design has maintained popularity for decades and still totally resonates today.


6. The Windsor Chair

The Windsor chair in theory, is quite simple. The seat is made from a single piece of wood that is shaped to cradle the sitter gently. The spindles are carved, later turned, and run through the seat and into the crest rail or bow. The legs splay outward and run into the seat, but do not become part of the seat’s back. 

 7. The Bistro Chair

This classic chair considered as a French icon was originally designed for external use in French bistros. Bistro chairs may be used both indoors and in outdoor settings. The bistro chair is a versatile chair that is used in restaurants, cafés and residential homes around the world. It fits comfortably in every era, and it even ages well.

8. The Chaise A Chair

A chaise lounge or the chaise chair, is an upholstered sofa in the shape of a chair that is long enough to prop one's legs up on. Chaise is a modern French interior design term that refers to any long, reclining chair and the English translation for the term is “long chair.”

9. The Malawi Chair

This is a beautiful chair that is suited to many settings, lounge, living, dining, or the deck or porch. Each piece is of the chair is handcrafted in Indonesia according to the classic Malawi Chair. The Malawi Style Chair is of typically of generous proportions and is an extremely comfortable seat for most people.


10. The Office Chair

The classic office chair, or desk chair is a type of chair designed primarily as the name suggests for use at the office, though increasingly it is used at a desk for those working from home. Ideally the office chair is ergonomically sound to support hours of comfortable seating, and is often a swivel chair, along with a set of wheels for mobility and with an adjustable back and height.



All images via Pinterest


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