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10 Reasons To Indulge In a Large, Comfy Lounge

Your lounge is pretty much the beating heart of your living space: a central feature that can beckon you into its arms and give its owners a warm hug at the end of each day. And because now more than ever the lounge plays such a crucial role in our lives, we’re here with the best tips for choosing your lounge and a few ‘duh’ reasons for investing in a terrifically comfy, good-looking and timeless sofa. 


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1. A Quality Lounge Will Last a Lifetime:

There are a lot of lounges in the world. There are designer sofas, knock-offs that seem too good to be true and there are grand, modular lounge pieces that you just want to flop onto and dream for days. Whatever your desire, we suggest researching these essential factors to ensure that your lounge is forever.


Choose a sturdy frame: high-grade steel is a reliable choice; even better are frames shaped from kiln-dried woods such as oak, ash or beech — pine is common but less durable.


Enduring comfort is dependent on both cushioning and spring structure— for cushions, ask about high-resilience foam or splurge on a combo of goose down and feathers for peak support; also choose a couch with pocket springs that will give firm bounce over time.


Know your fabrics: the upholstery on a family couch wants to be flexible to crumbs and spills — and removable and washable if possible. Also, consider a fabric in a timeless colour or pattern, so all that needs updating over the years are the accessories.


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2. Comfort equals calm equals happiness:

They say home is where the heart is. And it follows that the lounge is where the heart rests. Investing in a luxurious lounge is an investment in happiness, on which there are no limits. For maximum comfort, there are a few elements to consider: around 40-inches is an ideal depth for all occasions. Also consider fine materials like wool or linen, superior velvet or soft leather, all of which are gorgeous to loll about on in all kinds of weather.



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3. If it’s not comfortable, you won’t use it:

A good looking couch with sharp edges and shallow padding might look amazing, yet it will not invite one to curl up for hours and contemplate the day. And if you don’t use it, then your impressive feature lounge is pretty much all for show. Approach your lounge as you would your bed: you won’t hold back, will you?



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4. Your sofa can transform your home

A deep, luxurious lounge can change its skin at your fancy, essentially transforming your entire living space. Collect a bundle of soft, beautiful throws and makeover your lounge weekly or daily: try a silky blue for weekdays, then a delicately multi-coloured throw on the weekend, then perhaps go with a gentle plaid for special occasions. And these throws aren’t just pretty faces: take an afternoon nap under them or drape it over a little one’s shoulders when a breeze starts to roll in.



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5. One word: cushions:

Cushions need somewhere to lay around and pile up all over each other stylishly. And the floor isn’t a good space for them. Cushions are visual delights and can be mixed and matched to the heart’s content — try a pile of three Bermuda patterns in navy or orange, or add exotic flair with woven, tribal aesthetics. Cushions also make great teddy bears for adults while watching TV and they can also double as a prop for a laptop when the evening calls for a bit of sneaky homework on the lounge.


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6. Your lounge is your second bedroom:

The comfier and more spacious your lounge, the less need for a guest’s bedroom as everyone will be vying for a night on the couch. A luxurious lounge naturally morphs into a bed for visitors or just for quality afternoon-upon-afternoon of me-time.


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7. Lounge as life coach:

Ever try to have a serious conversation with a prickly surface scratching at your bare legs? If the cushioning is lumpy or the backrest is sinking without support, then it is no good. Your new spacious, springy-yet-firm, vintage-inspired sofa, on the other hand, will be the perfect place for an informal business meeting that will naturally end with the friendliest handshakes.



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8. Let your sofa lead your look:

If the sofa of your dreams is a solid splashy colour or an intricate pattern, it can help answer other questions about your décor — and it also could save some money, as that emerald green beauty can carry a room almost entirely on its own. A feature couch takes the pressure off the rest of the room. Paint a wall, hang a row of delicate framed pictures just in eye’s view — or simply fill a vase with timeless flowers on the coffee table. 



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9. Or, let your sofa blend into your living room 

You can go loud and proud with your lounge-as-feature. Or it’s just as stylish and wise to choose a beautifully crafted, classic design — a light-grey linen, for example, or a voluptuous, white delight — that will allow you to rethink your decor every year without replacing your beloved lounge heart.



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10. Your new favourite reading spot:

In this current climate reading a novel from beginning to end can feel like a real break from reality. That will be remedied when your new full-bodied, seductive lounge beckons you at the beginning of each Sunday. It will bring new meaning to the phrase “well-read.” Grab several novels, swing your feet up and enjoy some quiet time. 







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