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10 Steps To Successfully Sell Your Home

There is a huge difference between styling a home to sell – and styling a home to live in. Home staging – that is, a home that is staged to sell, and a home you live in, may have some things in common, but there are also big differences. Follow these easy, top ten tips to achieve a successful sale – and the best possible price for your property. 


1. Styling Your Home to Sell

For whatever reason you are selling your property, in simple terms – the first thing you need to do is to genuinely let go of your home. This important, psychological trick helps you to feel positive about the change – while assisting you to style your home in less personal terms to attain the best possible price. 


2. Start with a Serious Clean 

Obviously the first action to take when listing your home is a deep and thorough clean. The problem is we all get used to cleaning our home in a certain way – but cleaning a home that is listed for sale requires seriously, next-level cleaning. 

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3. Depersonalise Your Home!

A home that is for sale is by definition a home that is for someone else. De-clutter – and most importantly, depersonalise it. The potential new owner needs to imagine him, or herself, living in your home. This is best achieved if all remnants of your personal life are removed from the property.


4. Styling Your Home for Maximum Appeal

Some of us love vintage, while some of us prefer sleek contemporary interiors. The ideal styling for a home that is for sale, means you need to appeal to the majority. Do aim for a look that is neutral, and one that by definition, appeals to the most number of potential buyers. 

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5. Maintenance and Repairs 

There’s no point having a home that looks great, but the bathroom or kitchen leaks and even worse, smells. Ensure any property repairs and general maintenance are undertaken prior to listing your home.  


6. Neutral Interior Tones, and Paint Colours

Selling your home is not a time to express yourself colour-wise. While a fresh coat of paint is always a great idea, as with any style advice for selling, you need to keep it neutral – especially when it comes to any choice of paint colours and decor. 


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7. Maximise Space and Light

One of the most dramatic first impressions a property will have on anyone is how light – or dark it is. Keep rooms light and windows open and free of window coverings to maximise sunlight – as any lighting adds to the feel-good factor. 


8. Furniture & Fittings

When selling your home, be sure to be open and honest about what fixtures and fittings are included. Obviously quality furniture and fittings add to the overall impression, but there’s little advantage in spending a fortune on the latest stainless-steel kitchen accessories or glamorous lighting fixtures prior to selling – if they are not included in the sale of the property.



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9. Styling Your Home for Space and Flow

How your home flows, is just as important as how it looks. The Chinese art of Feng Shui has some inherent wisdom – the ‘flow’ of your home should be as free and unimpeded as possible – if you want it to feel great. 


10. Don’t Forget the Garden!

This important aspect of your property’s street appeal must not be overlooked. Often by simply mowing the grass, trimming hedges weeding the gardens, or featuring quality garden furniture and accessories, you can ensure your property achieves the all-important, first-impressions factor.



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