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5 Areas In Your Home You Should Organise This Winter

welcoming door mat
The change of seasons should always herald a refresh of our homes, and a re-stock of needs and wants in terms of our possessions and general life clutter! As winter sets in you will find a little organisation can go a long way to boost your comfort at home during these cooler months. If you're ready to give your spaces a new season cleanse then we have just the list for you. Here are our top 5 fast and easy ways to declutter and organise your home this winter.


Cleaning out and organising your linen cupboard can be a major undertaking but the satisfaction and ease of use it brings by far outweighs the tediousness of the task! Instead of scrambling in the deep depths of your linen closet for that musty doona again, get your self organised and ahead of the game this winter. Stored blankets, donna’s and pillows can harbour a huge amount of bacteria and dust so be sure to check their care instructions and give them an appropriate airing or wash before you bring them out for their annual winter usage. Fold all your sheets neatly, perhaps its even the time to school yourself in the technique of folding a fitted sheet properly and don't forget to rotate those flannelette sets to the top of the pile for added winter coziness. Be sure to toss out any well worn and not so fresh sheets and pillowcases. The same goes for towels, neatly fold and section them into their own designated space and repurpose any that are getting a lot less luxurious and a little more threadbare.
organised linen cupboard
folded linen
bed linen


Your wardrobe is the most obvious and essential area to overhaul for winter. This can be a great time purge unwanted items and to streamline your closet. If you've ever wanted to change out your old twisted dry cleaner wire hangers for a chic all wooden set then now is the perfect time! Pull out your coats, jackets and scarves and make sure to give them an airing in the sunshine or cool winters breeze. Re-line any drawers with architectural or tissue paper to absorb dust and protect your clothes or accessories and if you like to scent your drawers then perhaps refresh with a winter worthy sandalwood or rose geranium scent for added warm winter vibes every time you open them. Wash and store your flimsy summer goods away in sealed vacuum bags for easy, moth and damp free storage. Give your summer sandals and heel a wipe over and let them air dry in the sunshine, rotate them to the back of your shoe storage and bring forwards your sneakers and boots perhaps also giving them a once over with some shoe polish or a damp cloth if needed, that way you'll be ready to go the minute it gets cold.
neatly organised wardrobe


It's always a smart idea to do a whole pantry and freezer cleanse every 6 months so as to keep things fresh and in date, it's amazing what you can find lurking, long forgotten in the back of your freezer! The best way to do it is to unpack the whole shelf (be it freezer shelf or pantry shelf), toss anything that has expired, store and label anything that is partially open and wash down all the shelves with some warm soapy water and a splash of vinegar. As you place items back on the shelves build an organised system and a place for everything so you will be able to not only find it first go when you need it but you will also be able to easily assess what stocks you have on hand. Now is also the time to switch out any mismatched plastic containers for more streamlined chic and uniformed glass containers, as it's a well known fact that using random collections of old containers can make a pantry look cluttered and feel disorganised. Winter cooking is a great time to incorporate legumes, grains and nutrient dense stocks into your diet so this freezer and pantry cleanse offers a great chance for you to make room for these delicious winter warming goodies in your home.
organised kitchen shelves
neatly organised pantry
organised kitchen pantry with chalkboard doors


The bathroom cupboard is another place that is regularly overlooked by most of us during the weekly house clean. However it's a space that does need a little more attention then it gets due to the high amounts of moisture in bathrooms. With the change in climate most of us tend to up our skin and health care needs so this presents a great opportunity to give your bathroom cupboard a bit of an overhaul. The best way to start is to remove every item, toss any make up, moisturiser or medication that may be out of date and perhaps rid the cupboard of that leaky bottle of betadine and half used cakes of soap! Give the cupboard a good wipe down with some hot soapy water and let it air dry for a few hours to ensure all dampness is removed. This is your chance to be an organisational whizz and add in storage baskets, storage jars and ceramic holders for toothbrushes, soaps, etc. Place everything belonging in the cupboard back into its designated spot, rotating your winter moisturisers, hair masks and hand creams to the front for easy access. Another great tip here is to replenish your stocks of cold and flu vitamins, olive leaf, and rescue remedy so as that your cupboard is ready for you when those winter nasties strike!
clean, stylish bathroom
styled bathroom products
stylish bathroom


Even your indoor plants need a little bit of extra TLC with the change of seasons, as they do tend to become a little more sensitive and high maintenance over the winter period. To ensure your plants survive the cooler and gloomier winter days it's crucial to top up their soil and fertiliser just before the start of the winter months. This is also a great time to rid your greenery of any dead fronds or leaves to ensure all its energy goes into growing and photosynthesising during the less sunny days. Take stock of the changing sun light in your home and rotate your plants regularly into the most predominant patches of natural light to keep them happy and green. Most of us use some source of heating during winter be it a roaring open fire (should you be so lucky), reverse cycle aircon or heater, these tend to dry out the humidity that indoor greenery relies upon to thrive in your home; a simple solution to this is to move plants outdoors for periods of time or let them spend some time in your bathroom over winter. If you put the love into your indoor greenery at the start of winter you should be in excellent shape come summer with happy, thriving and abundant plants.
Sansevieria plant
styled room with houseplants

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