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The seasons of the garden are here and there’s nothing like having a gorgeously decorated space that says, how about we sleep outside tonight? Whether it’s navigating tight patches outside your urban home or having the canvas of your vast lawns free for all your whimsical and practical visions, there are a few simple ways to bring as much comfort and flair to your outdoor space as you revel in inside.


1. Hang Your Garden

If you have limited garden space, the outdoor walls of your beautiful home or apartment are canvases for greenery and floral life to grow, however wildly or manicured you choose. Cast iron hooks, stylish and sturdy wall panels and shelves just like the ones you’d line up your books indoors can be used as anchors to hang pot plants of all sizes. Let them bloom and thrive and also be layered along with art and outdoor décor for creative effect.


2. Statement pieces – or a series

As on a living room wall or in a personal space such as over a bed or in a sitting room, one garden wall can add story and vibrancy to the whole garden. Hang a wall with sculptural lamps all in a row. Or choose a bold, geometrical contemporary art piece, or a moody black and white scene that can be framed to endure weather and will bring a sophistication and intrigue to wild or impeccable garden spaces. Art walls also draw attention away from moments of unruliness when green thumb work has slipped down the To Do list.


3. Rustic is an Outdoor Word

The materials used for outdoor art are as practical as they are aesthetic: brass, reclaimed wood, repurposed railway sleepers, and aluminium are raw and elegant and will weather all seasons – seek out paintings framed by or carved into these rustic materials that will bring craft, texture and a little history to your garden experience.


4. Embrace Ceramics, Modern and Vintage

Busts or plaques— raw or polished — that might come from grand and glamorous times. Wall panels carved with sleek urban scenes or delicate floral or foliage outlines — that are like designer graffiti for your garden. Ceramics and stone art will bring a timelessness to the outdoors, whether contemporary carved or sculptural pieces that are light and structured enough to hang from a wall, or repurposed marble pieces that may indeed have been dug up from long-gone eras.


5. Mirrors and Screens

Imagine amplifying nature with a piece so stylish, guests both human and beast will be seeing themselves simply indulging in downtime. That’s what a mirror can do, along with bringing art to your garden in any frame that’s built for weather and effect. Frames that mimic nature or bring raw to a manicured jungle — wood or corrugated iron frames can be timeless, arty and subtle while adding light and space, especially to a tight little garden patch.





Ginko Sculpture

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Autumn Cube Sculpture

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Pear Sculpture

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