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6 Gorgeous Pool Landscaping Tips And Ideas

As we spend more time outside this year due the pandemic, many people are focusing more on creating a stunning yard that is beautiful and liveable. If you’re lucky enough to already have a pool on your property, here are some tips that will make your garden flourish while keeping your pool as the focal point.


1. Consider the upkeep 

Having a lovely, large or flowering tree that will shade you from the bright summer sun and add some depth to your yard might seem like an aesthetically pleasing idea, but in the long run, do you want to be cleaning leaves out your pool daily - especially during the autumn and winter months? 

Using a pool blanket year round has many benefits, including preventing water loss and keeping the water warm, as well as preventing parts of the landscaping from falling into the pool. While pool blankets are recommended, no matter your garden situation, keeping the landscaping around the pool as low-maintenance as possible will also make your upkeep easier. Consider what plants may shed and avoid them if possible.




2. Add in some eye-catching plants around your pool 

What do you want the mood of your pool area to be? Are you looking for a romantic hideaway or a tropical oasis? Whatever the mood, consider how closely to the pool you’ll be planting the plants and how quickly they grow. 

A fast growing plant, set directly next to the pool will probably have to be removed in the next few years as the roots overtake the pool and threaten the stability of the pool edge. Look for slow growing plants to create atmosphere and cultivate beauty for years to come.



3. Exotic or native? 

There is always an appeal towards exotic plants. They conjure up enjoyable holidays and lovely memories. As you consider pool plants, look at what local nurseries have. 

Many plant nurseries sell plants that are either indigenious to your climate or will grow well. Additionally, native plants generally have a lower upkeep, and are appealing to small creatures in your climate, which is a bonus if you’re looking to enjoy butterflies or birds.





4. Container Garden

If the thought of planting a lot of plants in the ground around your pool is overwhelming, consider a container garden. With many gorgeous container options out there, your biggest difficulty will be choosing your favourite style. Additionally, container gardens allow for the plants to be moved around throughout the year. Containers can also add a different texture and color to your poolside area, which can make it visually appealing.

Container gardens are also excellent for drought prone areas. If you live in a drought prone area and you are looking for landscaping ideas, consider rocky walkways and lots of drought resistant succulents for a beautifully simple aesthetic along with a simple container garden. Again, consider the textures, but the rocky walkway with smooth, pale succulents is a classic for a reason.




 5. Consider smells

If you enjoy lighting a candle for the aesthetic and the smell, consider just planting the real thing. You don’t have to plant just floral plants either for smells, especially if you’re concerned about attracting bees near your pool area. Look for herbs like peppermint and rosemary, tall flowering plants like cactuses, or even hanging vines to create a unique scent for your poolside escape.




6. Add texture and colour

Layers of texture and colors will completely transform your pool area into a stunning, eye catching area. Whatever style you decide on, you’ll want to be sure that you have plenty of different types of pool plants that make your senses come alive. Layering different types of plants that will blossom or be in season at different times of the year will keep your pool area interesting year round. 

In conclusion, by following these tips, you can create a beautiful backyard oasis that will be enjoyable to spend time in, both now during this pandemic and hopefully years from now. Spending the time and money on landscaping is a great way to ensure you’ll want to spend more time outside in your new poolside oasis and feel closer to nature at the same time.



All Images Sourced from Pinterest


Guest Blog written by Holly Clark 




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