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6 Of The Best Floor Lamps For Your Living Room

Lighting can make or break a space. A good lighting scheme sets the mood, helps us focus or relax and experts say good lighting even makes us feel better about ourselves and our home. And the hardest working of all lights is arguably the floor lamp. These glamorous workhorses of the lighting world are deemed ‘task lights’ but create loads of visual interest too. Let's shine a light on floor lamps and how to choose the best option for your living room. 


Floor Lamps Give The Illusion of Height

Floor lamps are especially wonderful for casting light in places that are notoriously challenging – we’re talking about the centre of the room and dark corners – but they really come into their own in small spaces with low ceilings. A tall floor lamp can trick the eye and highlight the true height of a room, especially in contrast to low sitting furnishings. 


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Plug in a Floor Lamp

Floor lamps represent the holy grail of home décor in that they’re both decorative and functional. On a practical note, they can be installed sans electrician, take up hardly any space and are easy to move around, making them a sound décor investment for renters and homeowners alike. Here are six of the best floor lamp options and styling that will illuminate your living room right now.



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1. The Warm Industrial - Starring Chrome, Copper and Mixed Metal

Industrial, but keep it gentle. Polished, distressed and mixed metal style lamps work in many spaces, especially those that feature plenty of glass, exposed brick, concrete and urban elements. All the ingredients of a stunning warm industrial interior are here, and that includes this classic arc floor lamp in brushed metal. This floor lamp makes the most of its clever design and leans in over the sofa to provide task light. 


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2. Modern and Contemporary Floor Lamps

Choose a lamp with streamlined shapes and details if your interior style leans towards modern and contemporary décor. A slim base with a drum-shaped shade will play well in these spaces and won’t overwhelm the rest of your décor.


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3. Eclectic Is In – Choose a Unique Floor Lamp for Bonus Style Points

Is it a sculpture or it is a light? It’s both! If you love nothing more than introducing a bold element into all your décor pieces, you know what to do when it comes to floor lamps. A handy task lamp that doubles as an artwork in its own right? Yes, please!



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4. The Tripod Floor Lamp – Classic For a Reason

This space shows just how versatile and striking a tripod floor lamp can be. While all the pieces featured here are gorgeous, this classic tripod floor lamp just holds everything together.


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5. Frame it! Paired Floor Lamps to Frame a Space

These stylish lamps framing the sofa and artwork creates a look that is nothing short of striking. The lamps, like the paired coffee tables, are not identical but despite the mismatched pairings, the overall effect is cohesive and interesting. And symmetry will always be pleasing to the eye.


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6. Style, Meet Substance

Place a striking floor lamp in the corner and within easy reach of the sofa for all your task lighting needs. This floor lamp is clearly a considered addition to the living room décor that is both useful and stylish. 


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All images via Pinterest. Click through for more styled imagery.




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