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6 Of The Biggest And Boldest Kitchen Trends To Watch In 2021

Our kitchens give us so much. They are our favourite café, neighbourhood bistro and friendly wine bar, all rolled into one. They don’t call the kitchen ‘the heart of the home’ for nothing. So it’s only right we treat our kitchens to an update. We look at all the trends that are coming in hot for 2021, so we can keep our kitchens looking their best. 


1. All the sparkly details

Warm metals are going to be a big deal in kitchens. We are talking about rose gold, copper and brass for tap fittings and handles. Not only do these metals bring an elevated, chic aesthetic to kitchens, copper and brass are also prized for their inherent antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. 



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2. Marvellous marble kitchens

There is agreement across the board that marble is going to be a trend that will be part of our kitchens for the long haul. Marble not only makes a glamorous statement in your kitchen – it’s non-porous, easy to clean and requires zero maintenance. Marble hits the sweet spot of form and function. Introduce a richly veined marble piece into the kitchen for extra drama.



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3. Paint it black

Although an all-white kitchen will always be a timeless classic, there is going to be a shift in the coming years and white may no longer be the default colour palette to consider when giving your kitchen a revamp. Black has long been beloved as an accent colour in kitchens, but its time in the sun has come and it’s set to be a key colour in its own right. Black is luxurious and inviting, rustic and chic. We’re all going to be seeing more black walls, cabinetry and countertops in kitchens from 2021. 


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4. Add a pop of colour in the kitchen

However, if a black kitchen isn’t on your kitchen wish list, don’t panic. Deep blues and greens alongside other colours on the oceanic side are going to be a big hit in kitchens in 2021. The kitchen can be the site of some joyful and unexpected interior moments, so show off your design chops with stained cabinets or a coloured, quartzite counter. If this feels like too big of a commitment, gently introduce some colour via appliances, stools or other accent pieces that work with what you already have. 



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 5. Double islands do double duty

In a larger, open plan kitchen, a pair of island benches is the ultimate in status kitchens. A double island not only provides expansive counter space and a storage upgrade, it easily holds down double-duty as an entertainment space. With a double island bench installed, everyone will be in the kitchen at parties. 


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6. Modern kitchens hide their appliances in drawers

Modern kitchens keep it sleek in 2021 by hiding appliances in drawers and cupboards with clever cabinetry and innovative design. We can all breathe a sigh of relief as we unload the dishwasher or lift a piping hot tray out of the oven without having to bend awkwardly. Ergonomics are coming to a kitchen near you, and they’re going to look damn good doing it. 



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