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6 Sensational Wall Light Choices

A wall sconce is the original term given to describe a lighting source that is fixed to a wall. The original wall sconces were used for candles, then later, for gas lamps. Today, sconces are more commonly referred to as wall lighting and their uses and designs are virtually infinite, including wall lighting fixtures that can be applied for both interior and exterior lighting.


1. Wall Lighting – A Contemporary Solution

If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist lighting design, the choice of wall lighting can provide the ultimate solution. Wall lighting options vary greatly, with an almost infinite availability of designs. From metallic bases and covers, to sconces with fabric shades, wall lighting can add a dash of modern ambience to almost any space, both interior and exterior.


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2. Space Saving Wall Lights

One of the advantages of wall lighting is the lack of space they require. For rooms with high ceilings, long pendant cords could appear to clutter the space. Wall lights are also a great alternative to lamps, both which would require either floor or table space. For instance, in a small living room, wall lights placed either side of a sofa can create the same sense of cosiness as a pair of table or floor lamps. The same applies to a bedroom, with a well placed pair of wall lights serving as a space-saving, bedside lighting solution.


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3. Style Meets Substance

Strategically placed and beautifully designed, decorative wall lights can make a strong statement and be as beautiful as they are functional. One of the more practical and popular uses of interior wall lighting is to illuminate art. But it is helpful to know that when choosing your wall light fittings and placement, consider the material of the fitting, the size and colour as well as the effect you are looking to create, both visually and in terms of light strength and direction – up- lighting or downlighting. 



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4. Outdoor Wall Lighting Solutions

Wall lighting for exteriors has been on-trend for years. Consider using exterior down lit wall lighting for those hard to reach garden path areas and entryways. Wall lights can also increase the visibility in areas that might otherwise be in shadow. Exterior wall lighting can also dramatically highlight features of your front yard and back garden, that would otherwise not be seen – or appreciated – at night.  


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5. Wall Light Finishes – From Wood, Stone & Metal

Wall lights come in a myriad of designs and materials. From contemporary metallic fixtures, in all shapes from Art Deco inspired circular designs, to sleek rectangular shapes. Other common materials used for wall light fittings include timber, bamboo, paper and glass. Though for quality and longevity, metal-based wall lighting is the most common material used, including stainless steel, copper and aluminium fittings. 


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6. It’s all About the Ambience 

From when castles were lit with candle wall sconces, wall lighting remains one of the most effective ways to imbue a sense of warmth and a welcoming ambience to any home. Without obstructing any floor or ceiling space, wall lighting can illuminate a room for both function and visual appeal. As with any lighting, choose your globes with care, including the strength and the level of warmth to suit. As a guideline, assuming the wall lighting is to generally illuminate a room, you would aim to place the wall lighting fixture at eye level, or slightly above. 


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