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Art Deco Mirrors: The Truest Reflection Of Style

Whether you’re a vintage furniture collector or just love early 20th-century design, there’s always space to include an art deco mirror in any home. With its unmistakable bold, clear lines, geometric shapes and sometimes vibrant colours, an addition of this design classic elevates an average room to an extraordinary one. The beauty lies within the decadence of detail, yet somehow, is so simplistic with monolithic decorative motifs and curvilinear forms. The question remains is not whether to include such a piece in your home, but where?


The Bathroom - a private place you’ll never want to leave

The addition of such a mirror could very well make the bathroom the highlight of your home. Is it strange wanting to hang out constantly in your bathroom with your swoon-worthy mirror? Whether it’s large or small, the great part about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for any bathroom, anywhere. His and hers matching bathroom mirrors standing tall, side by side, speaks bold power couple ready to tackle anything the day throws at them. If you’re strapped for space or more independent, a petite addition sitting delicately above the basin gives any bathroom a little chic charm. Regardless of space or relationship status, it's probably time to swap out the old Swedish design and enjoy something a little more Parisian.


The living room - the best part of the house just got better

Traditionally, a mirror in a room is used to create space and depth, but what if we told you that you could do all of that AND have a piece of wall art, all in one? Impossible? Not really. The elegant curves of such a piece will not only soften a room but exude luxury and glamour. A rounded piece with a scalloped edge would certainly add a lovely warmness to any shared space.
Pieces with bolder, geometric lines will truly communicate the confidence you have in your style. Tall pillars and straight edges will not only make the room appear bigger, the mirror will become the perfect talking point for guests when entertaining. If the room is quite dark, place the mirror in-front of a window and any light that shines in will be reflected and increase the brightness of the room. This works with any size, however, the bigger the mirror, the bigger the reflected window, which creates more light. These beauties have been used to solve decorative dilemmas for years and they’re not going out of fashion anytime soon!


The bedroom - Your favourite room styled to perfection

Traditionally a private space for you and your significant other, this area is the perfect place to showcase your style. You could incorporate a statement piece such as a full-length mirror, which will make any outfit look great in its reflection. A singular circular style above the bed head will draw the eye in and centre the room while providing some extension. If you’re not afraid of a little bit of colour, a piece that incorporates stained glass can draw out tones in other interior design elements of the room such as cushions and drapes. This could really finish off a room nicely. If you have the space for a vanity, propping an antique piece behind could have you lingering on the final touches of your makeup forever. Dare to dream and place a mirror on the ceiling, with a chandelier hanging from the middle. If that doesn’t scream decadent, then we don’t know what does.


2-4-1 - interior design issues solved

Would you believe me if I said you could have a piece of art and a mirror all in one? Touching on this earlier, this concept is pretty easy to achieve with art deco mirrors arranged as multiples. Try three circles close together or an odd number of rectangular mirrors placed at different levels on a wall. Placing smaller mirror fragments close together to create a mosaic style arrangement definitely pays off in the design department. The words ‘art deco’ are derived from the French phrase ‘art decoratif’, which translates pretty obviously to ‘decorative art’ in English. Staying true to their origins, these types of mirrors, large or small, arranged as multiples or not, are a charming addition to any home.






Casbah Mirror Black

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Fretwork Mirror Panel

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