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Boho Bed Heads: All You Need To Know

A sense of bohemian styling has been slowly permeating home interiors for a more than a few seasons now and thankfully this beautiful, chic and ever so relaxed decorating trend shows no signs of abating any time soon! There are many examples of incredible boho living and dining spaces out there to provide you with inspiration a plenty, but have you ever thought about adding a little touch of bohemian into your bedroom? 



Rattan is the material dejour of the interior world at the moment and for very good reason, this natural material adds warmth, enchanting character and plenty of bohemian chic into any space. From the modern strong, linear-shaped rattan styles, rattan bed heads are sure to add those instant boho vibes into your bedroom. For maximum bohemian spirit, style your rattan bedhead back with many a sumptuous cushion, linen a plenty, in either adventurous prints or tonal cotton, and ensure that you add a plethora of indoor greenery into the mix for a look that is nostalgic, bright and ever so on-trend. Rattan is infused with bohemian cool and you simply cannot go wrong when selecting a bed head in this gorgeous material that speaks of the gypset aesthetic.


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Within the bohemian look exists a myriad of varied styles from the more eclectic maximalist looks right through to the carefully curated modern bohemian looks that are currently trending. No matter the subcategory of bohemian style that you are aiming for in your interior, there is one bedhead material type that is sure to encompass them all and that is wood. Wooden bed heads are a fabulous addition to a bohemian space due to their natural finish, warmth and earthy characteristics, the great thing about this? Wooden bed heads are one of the most common styles around so you are sure to find the perfect one for your bedroom interior. When selecting a wooden bedhead for a boho style bedroom it is wise to keep clear of sleek modern styles that radiate those minimal Scandinavian feels and also to avoid styles that are finished with lacquer or varnish, the boho style is all about natural finishes and raw materials.

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The beauty really is within the finer details when you are styling with the bohemian aesthetic and in the bedroom, what better option than to add a highly detailed bedhead that doubles as a feature work of art. From ornately carved wooden options to Parisian boho opulent screens, these detailed bed heads really are the ultimate in boho style. Even though bohemian styling is typically all about maximalism, the new boho look of the now shows restraint and consideration and is more about key statement pieces, plenty of textural accents and an abundance of indoor greenery! With this in mind, if you do fall in love with an ornate style bed head, it is best to select linen and cushions in neutral base tones that allow your bedhead to shine as the bohemian star of your room. 



Images via Pinterest
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All images sourced via Pinterest. Click here to see more styled imagery.


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