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Bright Ideas For Bedroom Lighting

Like any room in the home, the bedroom space requires lighting for various functions. You will occasionally require bright lighting to see, clean and organise your bedroom, as well as lighting suitable for reading, plus lower lighting for resting. Ideally, you should aim to combine a variety of these lighting options for your bedroom.


Bedroom Lighting - Get the Right Light 

Firstly - cool white lighting is not ideal for the bedroom. Cool white is more suitable for task-orientated rooms, such as the kitchen, study, and bathroom. A bedroom, on the other hand, should be warmly lit and inviting, rather than a cold and blue-white lit room. To simplify lighting technology, you need to know that the number of lumens translates to the brightness of the light. Whatever form of lighting you choose, such as LED, halogen, or incandescent bulbs, the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light will be.

From an overhead, functional light, to bedroom side table lighting, the requirements of bedside lighting should reflect your personal style and the range of activities you could expect to cover in the bed, from reading to resting – and everything in between the sheets!



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1. Pair it - Bedside Table Lamps 

If you share your bed, or even if you don’t, ideally you would want a light source, usually a lamp, on either side of the bed. Not only are a pair of lamps practical, they are also visually appealing. Pairs by nature add attractive symmetry and balance to any space.



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2. Hang It - Pendant Lighting for the Bedroom 

Pendant lighting can be a wonderful, space-saving choice for smaller bedrooms. Simply add a pendant light to hang above both sides of your bed, ideally directly hanging over your bedside tables. 



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3. Wall Sconces for the Bedroom 

Elegant wall sconces are making a big comeback in almost every space in the home, including the bedroom. Like pendants, a wall sconce is a great space-saving solution. And again, the pendants should ideally be paired and installed above each bedside table.


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4. Set the Mood With Romantic Bedroom Chandeliers 

One of the more elegant hotels I stayed in Europe last year, featured dramatically hung chandeliers, perfectly poised above each bedside table. For practicality, each chandelier also had a dimmer capability. Consider adding chandeliers to your bedroom, as they guarantee a sense of grandeur in any space.


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