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Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Bedroom

Your standard bedroom would obviously include your bed and at least one bedside table, though more often than not, there would be two bedside tables. And for each bedside table, there would be a lighting option.  This classic bedroom formula is standard – for good reason. It is a practical arrangement, and in the case of two bedside tables and two lighting options, it adds symmetry and is therefore, visually appealing. 

Today, the choice of bedside lighting is far more flexible and often far more stylish than ever before. Bedside lighting can do far more than illuminate a space, the choice of bedside lighting can make a bold decorative statement and set the entire tone of the boudoir. 

It is now also possible to choose a wide range of lightbulb options for your bedside lighting. These can, where possible include a dimmer function, but should always include a warm tone of lighting – as opposed to ‘cool’ – as this warmer tone of light ensures a more calming effect that is more conducive to relaxation and sleep.


1. Classic Bedside Table Lamps

Still the number one option, a pair of bedside table lamps can be chosen to suit any style, from minimalist to opulent. The relative low cost and the flexibility of table lamps is also a factor in popularity.  As table lamps have increasingly become more decorative, from contemporary chrome to those evoking a more classic or exotic ambience, the huge range of styles ensures this popular lighting choice is anything but boring. Be sure to factor in the size of your lamp base, in relation to the size of your bedside table.


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2. Wall Mounted Bedside Lighting 

Wall sconces are having a moment in every space in the home – including the bedroom. Wall mounted bedside lighting can also provide the added practicality of saving precious bedside table real estate space. Wall lighting can free up the bedside tables for a range of objects such as books, photo frames, flowers, water glasses, clocks and other devices.



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 3. Bedside Pendant Lighting

Dramatic and stylish, pendant lighting like wall sconces also save space and for this reason they are increasingly used as a bedside lighting option. Pendants can be sleek and minimal, to dramatically grand in style. For this reason, pendant lighting in any space, including the bedroom can make for a bold statement.  



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4. Bedroom Floor Lamps

There really are no rules now when it comes to lighting your bedroom space. Bedside floor lamps in any space are an instant statement, and that applies to the bedroom. While this option can be a visually dramatic addition for the bedroom, it is often not practical for bedside lighting, unless the controls are easily accessible from the bed. 


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5. Built in Bedside Lighting 

Increasingly lighting is an architectural feature that is designed for both function and as an element that adds ambience to a space. Built in lighting in the bedroom can also add other conveniences such as a dimming function that is always a welcome option to bedroom lighting.


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