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Create A Dreamy Sanctuary With Our Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

There’s a lot to love in a minimalist bedroom. They are serene and soothing without sacrificing any style. There are plenty of benefits to an uncluttered bedroom too; they tend to feel more peaceful and are much better for those with allergies. If there are fewer things to catch dust, well, that can only be a good thing. Let’s discover all the design secrets of creating a minimalist bedroom at your place.




A minimalist approach to your bedroom design isn’t about stripping away all colour and personality from your room. It’s about simplifying your life so you can focus on the things that are important to you. And sleep is very important, for everyone! A streamlined space will help you sleep better. It’s a fact. In this case, less really is more. Also, it’s easy to create a sophisticated bedroom if you adhere to minimalist style guides.


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Minimalism is about embracing your inner Marie Kondo and paring things right back. This is a décor style that prioritises necessary, functional items over objects that exist for purely decorative purposes. We’re talking streamlined beds made up with some chic but understated bedding, perhaps a chair or bed-end bench, a tidy bedside table with smart storage to hide things away, some layered lighting for ambiance and reading, and that’s about it.


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If you want to create a simple vignette, keep your bedstand treasures corralled on a tray on your bedside table to keep it looking uncluttered. The same applies when you’re choosing artwork. Choose one large artwork that brings you a feeling of calm and tranquillity when you look at it. If you’re unsure about what to choose, try to keep it within the same palette as the rest of the room. When in doubt, bring in a plant!


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Speaking of colour, it’s okay to use it in a minimalist bedroom. While a predominantly white room is pretty much synonymous with minimalist spaces, there is, of course, plenty of scope to use colour in a restrained way and still create a peaceful sanctuary. Keep your palette to a limited selection of neutrals, moody or mid-tone shades with some elements in white. We are aiming for a visually peaceful space, rather than a stark, sterile room.


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