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Defining A Contemporary Style Living Room 

Most of us have preconceived ideas of what makes a contemporary living room. We can think of a sleek space, with razor sharp edged furniture – and sometimes even a space that is cold and unwelcoming. 

Rather, a contemporary living room is modern, it’s innovative and it can draw from other styles, yet often with a twist. Contemporary by definition is also fresh, sometimes unexpected, but always about innovation and definitely of our times. Elements that are characteristic of contemporary living spaces are an abundance of space, natural light and lashings of daring, modern choices.


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Creating a Contemporary Living Room

A contemporary space can work in everything from an old terrace house, a weatherboard cottage, or a new-build apartment. In fact, contemporary designed spaces can definitely succeed in contrary environments, as the contrasts can elevate the differences.

Be sure not to combine too many shapes and finishes in your contemporary living room, to ensure your living room doesn’t become muddled. Contemporary designed furniture pieces can certainly include a mixture of design influences, but too many eclectic choices can quickly become complicated, which is anything but contemporary.



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Maximise Your Contemporary Living Room with Space and Clean Lines 

Contemporary living rooms typically evoke a sense of space. To create this spacious ambience, less is definitely more when it comes to your choices and placement of furniture. Choose wisely and go for fabulous, statement pieces that feature clean lines. The better the quality, the more likely your contemporary furniture will last, both across time and trends.


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What Lighting and Colours Work Best in Contemporary Living Rooms?

For lighting, table and dramatic floor lights are a must. You can also play with pendants to highlight elements of the living space, including artworks. There are no rules for choosing colours. Some love clean whites, while other go dark and moody, which is also modern. Just choose with confidence – which is always the hallmark of contemporary design. 


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