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Image via Pinterest
There is no doubt about it. Rugs make a room. They can make a simple space sing and pull together eclectic elements to really dial up the ‘wow’ factor. When thinking about your rug options, jute and wool rugs - in every colour! - have loads to recommend them. Read on for everything you need to know about the latest trends in swoon-worthy rugs.


Back to nature with jute rugs

Images via Pinterest
Bringing the outdoors indoors is part of an overall movement in design looking towards sustainability and wellness. And indoor plants and greenery are not the only ways to get closer to nature in your home. A jute rug works equally well in both an inner-city apartment and a dreamy island beach house. They don’t need to be all straight lines either. The round jute rug is well and truly back. No longer found exclusively in the groovy surf pads of 60s styled interiors, they can be found anchoring sitting areas and tucked under the side of your bed. Jute rugs: they’re durable, they’re affordable and add that covetable natural texture to your space. Take a bow, jute!


Designer beauty in wool

Images via Pinterest
Wool is the most durable of fibres and comes with the bonus of having natural lanolin, which makes it stain resistant. Whether you prefer to make a statement with a bold weave or introduce a rug in neutral tones that is more reminiscent of the great outdoors.


Layer rugs like a pro

Images via Pinterest
Layering rugs is a trend that is here to stay but it can seem overwhelming at first. However, this is a trend that is about having fun while maintaining your styling integrity. Try experimenting with a few different options to see what works for your space. If you are unsure where to begin, a great starting point is to try a small colour-saturated rug over a neutral toned designer rug or a jute rug. Another combination to try is a striped rug with a bold kilim. General rug layering wisdom says to stick with similar colours across the rugs and keep your choices to a tight edit so you don’t have competing patterns. Layering rugs brings twice the textural goodness and is a great way to show off your design clout if you were to do this in your own home.


Make a statement

Images via Pinterest
Are you worried your all white walls and neutral palettes are feeling a bit dull? Turn up the colour and try a bold, colour-saturated rug in an unexpected tone such as red, turquoise or the new hot rug colour on the block: pink. A strong, vibrant colour generally plays well with most colours in the neutral palette and will give your space a chic colour clash that will lift the whole room and give it even more fabulous personality.


Texture, Texture, Texture

Images via Pinterest
Whether you are using rugs to create an aesthetic synergy or an interesting contrast, there will be a rug style to suit you and your space. They are the most humble and most beloved décor items of the interior design world for good reason. Done well, a good rug choice will introduce texture, interest and a whole lot of style into your space.





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