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Find The Bed Head Design That Is Just Right For You

velvet bedhead by Heatherly Design Bedheads
Leaving the wall behind your bed bare is like leaving all your art unframed and your shelves empty. It could work, in a minimalist world, but it’s more likely to look unresolved, unfinished and a little unloved, which is not a good look for your most personal space and haven. We've rounded up the hottest trends in all things bed head to get you inspired and heading off in the right direction!



pink bedhead
plush bedhead
oversize bedhead

Bed or bedhead? A bedhead is a flexible piece, it can easily be moved to another bed or another room if your layout or your scheme changes. If you don’t already have a bed base, you may prefer the simplicity of a single furniture item and choose a bed with a bedhead. A bed frame may also leave you with more under-bed storage space since ensemble bases tend to be low to the ground.

It’s important to consider the style of your home and bedroom when deciding on the colour, texture and materials for your bedhead. If you love the tailored style, you’ll want to look at upholstered bed heads, which are also a comfortable choice if you like to sit up in bed to read. They can range from simple rectangular designs to shapely curves and luxurious buttoned and tufted styles. For a simpler and less detailed bed heads, try natural materials such as leather, timber or rattan. To achieve a more modern look, select a panel style that hangs from the wall.

Colour choice: a bedhead is a large element in your room, so consider the balance of the space when picking a colour. It used to be the case that most people went for neutral tones and added in colour and pattern with bed linen and cushions, but lately there has been a gradual move towards stronger colour with lots of bed heads popping up in deep jewel colours, such as navy and emerald green, as well as softer tones such as blush pinks.

Size matters! It’s important to measure the width of your bed to make sure the bedhead fits, but it also pays to take into account the scale of your room and the height of your ceilings. An oversized bedhead may dominate a small room and have the effect of making the ceiling seem lower than it is. Mark out the measurements of your chosen style and tape them onto your wall to gauge the size.



yellow bedhead


oversized bedhead


This is by far the most popular type of bed head dominating the market at the moment, the classic button upholstered bed, and for many a good reason too! Its classic enduring style means it’s not going to date quickly, it offers a mostly neutral styling palette to work with, it is available in a myriad of colours, textiles and finishes and is a style that transcends across many interior trends from Scandi right through to country chic. If you're after a long-term fix then this is the bedhead for you! 



quilted bedhead
quilted bedhead scandi style

Quilted cushions and rugs have catapulted back into popularity lately, and it’s nice to see that bed heads are following suit. This softer, plusher more delicate approach to bed heads makes it ideal for the modern whimsy daydreamer. It’s a little bit contemporary, a little bit Scandi, and no doubt will appease the fussiest of decorators. This is a style that is slightly more feminine in concept, however with a well-considered textile choice (think denim, buttery leather or tactile darker toned linens) this style is sure to be an all-round winner and will appease everyone and look sensational in any home or bedroom.



leather bedhead
leather strap bedhead

Should one add leather straps to a bedhead? We think yes, why not! It seems leather strapping, either woven or looped into beautiful tabs is the next big trend in bedhead style! There’s something luxurious and glamorous about leather, and the fact that it’s hard wearing and actually improves with age is a huge plus. This leather strapping style offers a fabulous styling canvas (think sumptuous blush pink linens and creamy throw rugs) and is a unique yet timeless look. It is the perfect addition to take your bedroom to the next level.



 white peacock cane bedhead

classic cane bedhead

There’s nothing nana-ish or daggy about a cane bedhead these days, in fact, it seems 70’s cane is a style we just can't get enough of in interiors at the moment! This is a style that is seeing a strong resurgence to the design world's collective joy! The retro bedhead style translates well to a whole range of looks from coastal chic right through to Jungalow boho. A cane bedhead offers fabulous versatility and can sit right at home in a child's or teens bedroom, but is also equipped with all the design credentials to look chic, stylish and bang on trend in any “grown-ups” boudoir. The great thing about retro style cane bed heads is that they're often available in a kaleidoscope of different colours, making it an absolute breeze to inject some bubbly brights into your bedroom. For an added bonus they are easy to repaint should you feel inspired to change your decor!



velvet bedhead
velvet bedhead peacock colours

Velvet is elegant, luxurious, and calming. This interior design material is prominent in European-style themes especially the French provincial but in the last few seasons, we have seen it take a modern turn with many an ultra-cool twist. Beyond the lush beauty of velvet, this material can actually have a positive effect on your health! According to studies soft textured fabrics such as silk and velvet are associated with feelings of comfort and protection and these materials can also help one get better sleep. It's no wonder we're looking to this gorgeous super textile for all things bedroom related! A velvet bedhead is a strong style statement so this is a trend to thoughtfully consider, however with all its beautiful jewel tones and sumptuous vibes it could prove hard to resist. If you do choose a velvet headboard, keep the rest of your room in complimentary calm tones and use the headboard as your feature piece. 


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