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Five Favourite Hamptons Style Bedheads

For all of us, the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the home. We spend at least a third of our lives in this space and ideally the bedroom is designed to invoke a feeling of peace and calm. There are two contemporary bedroom trends that are not going anywhere – Hamptons chic and stylish bedheads.  

It is little wonder the Hamptons style of interiors has found such an enduring home in Australia. We share many of the same markers of lifestyle; relaxed, coastal, welcoming and stylish without trying too hard. The ongoing popularity of bedheads also says something about our contemporary lifestyle; we crave cosy and comfortable yet expect chic at the same time. 


1. Hamptons Style Linen Bedheads

No fabric screams Hamptons coastal chic more than linen. Think Ralph Lauren, navy and other shades of blue, plus white and natural shades and you’re there. Linen is one of nature’s gift; it is a natural, hardwearing fabric that is soft to the touch and easy on the eye. Linen is the epitome of casual elegance, a description that equally describes Hamptons interiors. Choose your linen bedhead in natural, white, navy and blues to complete the look.


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2. Natural Wood Hamptons Style Bedheads

Another natural material and a hallmark of the Hamptons look, timber is also a long lasting, practical choice for any furniture. To capture the Hamptons vibe, choose simple shapes and design, rather than anything overly fussy. Timber bedheads in a natural finish or white, will ensure the coastal look is complete.


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3. Upholstered Hamptons Style Bedheads

Upholstered bedheads not only look great, they provide additional comfort to any bed. Choose, as suggested above an upholstered bedhead in linen, but in reality, any fabric will suffice. They key to achieving the Hamptons look in a bedhead is shape and colour. Keep the shape simple and the colours coastal, such as blues, creams, white, or grey can also complement the Hamptons colour wheel.



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4. Casual Coastal Hamptons Bedheads

Bedheads in rattan, bamboo or cane work well in a coastal, Hamptons style bedroom. This material conveys a more casual ambience, but it is an ideal look and feel, especially in warmer climates, where upholstered bedheads in thick fabrics could look out of place.


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5. Clever Bedhead Covers

Relatively new, and certainly clever, there are now bedhead covers that not only look great, they offer some practicality that many other bedheads do not. Slipcovers can provide a stylish new look for an old bedhead, with the additional benefit of being able to be removed for washing – ideal for lovely linen in white and natural shades. 



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Images via Pinterest

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