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Five Outdoor Ottoman Ideas

Ottomans are having a moment, and for good reason. Practical, stylish and incredibly flexible, ottomans have moved from our interiors to our great outdoors to add a practical and stylish element to your external living areas. Following are some basic considerations to help you determine what ottoman will suits your outdoor needs most.


1. What Will You Use Your Ottoman For?

Ottomans being so flexible can be used as seating, or somewhere to relax and put your feet up on, as well as a table space to hold drinks and food. Consider the purpose of your outdoor ottoman and you’ll narrow your choice. The addition of a stylish tray on the top of a fabric ottoman can transform it to a much sturdier surface for drinks and food.


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2. Choose the Shape & Size Of Your Ottoman

Most of us consider the classical ottoman as round, and indeed many are, but increasingly there are square ottomans as well. The choice of shape will depend on the style of ottoman and what best complements your other furniture, typically your seating arrangement. Size, as always matters, an overly large ottoman may be too dominant, while a small ottoman could be lost, aim for a balance of size that is both practical for your chosen use and appropriate to the size of your outdoor living space and other furniture.


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3. Choose Your Style of Outdoor Ottoman

Beachy? Boho, sharp edged and contemporary? All these styles can be covered by an ottoman. The growing popularity of ottomans is reflected in the growing choice of styles, shapes, materials and size availability. Naturally choosing a style of ottoman that works with your personal taste and other furniture, but that shouldn’t limit you, a boho style ottoman could be an interesting offset to surrounding contemporary furniture and vice versa


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4. Choose Your Ottoman Colour

Ottomans can provide a lovely accent of colour to any space. As there is now a wide range of ottomans available, your choice of a vibrantly coloured ottoman could add some interest to your space. Alternatively, a complementary colour could harmonise the overall look and style of your outdoor living space.


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5. Choose the Material for Your Ottoman

This is the important choice. Depending on your outdoor space, whether it is totally exposed to the elements or whether your space is al fresco, such as a covered deck area. Outdoor ottomans are a relatively new option, a response to the increased demand for this practical, adaptable piece of furniture. Rattan is popular, but if fully exposed to the elements, it won’t last long. Alternatively metal and man-made materials will hold up outdoors that much longer.


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