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How To Dress A Bedroom Chest Of Drawers

Utilising your chest of drawers to store away your clothes and other items are often overlooked as simply functional pieces of furniture. Of course, they need to be practical, with the right ratio of space within the drawers to keep everything away nicely, nothing stuffed in or messy here! However, there is often an opportunity missed with chest of drawers, they are a decorative piece in their own right and can be useful at displaying items on top as well as being filled inside. 


1. Sit a Mirror or Framed Piece of Artwork On Top 

We don't always want to hang up pieces of art or wall mirrors, often they look great leaning against the wall, effortless and chic. So why not elevate this decor idea (literally) and give these some height without mounting on the wall. Place at a minor angle against the wall so as it doesn't fall forward or backwards. Why not slip postcards into the side of the frame or special photographs, it is a nice way to look at them everyday, without having to nail anything up on the wall. 



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2. Don't Be Afraid of Some Colour! 

Using furniture to insert some intense colour splashes into your bedroom means you can keep things interesting without having to commit to painting the walls! This is your opportunity to go bold, introduce vivid yellows, blues and reds to sit harmoniously amongst a more natural, stripped back aesthetic of your bedroom.


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3. A Place For Your Flowers & Plants 

Often smaller plants or a vase of flowers need to be placed upon a higher surface and if you are a little tight on space or want to make your chest of drawers look less bare, this is the perfect spot! Sit amongst your favourite cosmetics, books or trinkets for a full display surface. 


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4. Go Matching with the Rest of the Room 

If you want to have a bedroom set, opt for a more minimal style, so as not to dominate the space with something too brash. Subtle lines, closures and details will allow for it to feel more streamlined and less heavy set with bulky furniture. Soft oak finishes, tapered legs and slim frames are all perfect as a bed frame, wardrobe, bedside table and/or chest of drawers. 


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 Images via Pinterest

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