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It’s where the first and last moments of the day happen, where the family meets and nourishes, and it’s where the memorable parties unfold. Kitchen lighting therefore is one essential element of a home’s décor, and one of the most fun to get thoughtful with. A few general guidelines to decorate by: be as creative as you are practical, know that a little coordination can bring a whole room to life, and always remember touches of the unexpected.


Lighting Is Everything

Your kitchen lights can be the central feature — the lighting, the atmosphere and the aesthetic that anchors the whole convivial space. For this, choose a strong shade in one commanding colour and allow them to light up over the space where you spend the most time, be that a robust dining table or the kitchen island where all of the action unfolds, from food prep to afternoon catchups.


Be Dramatic, In Subtle Ways

The kitchen is a practical place and also a place of stories and a little bit of drama. Lighting is important for the functional side of the kitchen: cooking, preparing, creating, eating and communing. The late night, or mid-afternoon effect is equally as important, and that’s when a little flair goes a long way.


Or How About a Chandelier

Or maybe lead with drama, in the most classic and romantic way and bring the chandeliers into the kitchen. Let a really wild piece shine and air itself over a kitchen dining table, or give the practical space some flair and hang a classic, feminine chandelier (or two) over the sink or the island where both the vegetables are chopped and the wine is poured, starting when the sun is still up and perhaps still flowing as the curtains are drawn.


Be Elegant and Decidedly Matchy Matchy

Not all drama needs to be obvious, and often, the more refined the décor, the freer the action can unfold, especially in such an important and well-used room as the kitchen. Create a classy, romantic space and choose subtle yet significant light shades to speak with all of the décor details, from the benchtops to the drawer handles. And sticking with two tones in a kitchen is a simple and elegant way to go.


Bring in the World

Globe and bulbous lamps bring the outside world into the kitchen without much effort. They don’t need to be too obvious and there are many classic as well as retro designs that won’t dominate as they provide natural and abundant light — and will always draw inspiration at just the right lull in the activity or late night conversation.


Brass is Timeless

Brass is both glamorous and industrial, which is a pretty perfect kitchen combination. Explore the brass and copper spectrum, from burnished gold to rustic pinky coppers that can bring sunshine into darker aesthetics, or provide the inspiration for all accessories and details, from vases on the windowsill to the cutlery in the drawer.


Kitchens are Made for the Industrial Look

A whole row of hanging lamps in one solid colour — bold white or large silver — will create a café element without messing with the cosiness of many home kitchens, especially when framing a space with warm colour details, such as moon-like blues or earthy greens. Any lamps with mechanics on the outside, exposed and refined cords or metallic and brassy elements add an instant industrial tone.









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