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Image via Pinterest

The kitchen is a special, functional space, and it can be tempting to treat it with kid gloves aesthetically. Nope, no need – don’t hold back with being “you” and trends are increasingly showing that, as the kitchen is a core social and creative room, it should be giving the rest of the home a run for its wow factor. Mix Raw with a bit of Bling Industrial elements are classic and they can make a kitchen new, especially when paired with polished or glamorous materials and pieces — think ceramic details on a chunky metal bench. Or glamorous wall colours — pinks or bright Mediterranean blues — against concrete or marble that bring a creative workshop feel into the kitchen. And if it’s just a brush up, metallic hanging lampshades over a rich, new benchtop can add years of life to your cooking and dining space.


Let Gold Shine or Soften

Images via Pinterest

It could be a bit of diva — one grand, polished, giant hanging lampshade that simply sings, or details such as the oven door, stove hood and perhaps even a fridge that range in shiny, proud gold. Or, gold can be the foundation for some very natural toning — pair lamps, door handles, canisters and tap handles with foundations made from wood or shades of brown and cream and you’ll feel as though you’re walking into a natural paradise, every time you make a cup of tea.


Bold Colours are Getting Bolder

Images via Pinterest


A bright yellow wall? Yes! Or how about several tones of green? The times call for dashes of colour and plenty of personality, and bright and bold can bring light into a space that is essentially about visibility and flexibility. Go for a colour scheme that brings unabashed primary swaths of nature’s best tones: red, green, orange and royal blues especially will allow the kitchen to tell a story, while keeping a sense of space, even in a tight room. And no need to match: the mix n match approach will let lots of personalities sing together. 


Pastels Don’t Need To Be Wallflowers

Images via Pinterest


Just as many are getting bright, be proud about softer choices that can do just as much wow-ing: pastels in blue, yellow, pink and green can be dashing and retro, or seductive and surprising. Pair two unlikely shades together in walls, accents and foundational pieces or bring brightness and personality into an otherwise classic kitchen space with a detail here and there in playful pastel tones and combos.


Get Personal

Images via Pinterest


Add your own flair, using colour and accessories that you might think are reserved for a bedroom or entertainment space. There’s still a place for coordination and matchy-matchy but keep your eye and heart open for splashes and accents that bring history and story into the kitchen, from the thoughtful artwork framed on your walls – the living room doesn’t have dibs on limited edition paintings or even sculptures – to quirky or surprising lampshades and even chandeliers that bring wow factor into otherwise classic décor. And make room for accessories such as vases filled with branches and berries (rawer than flowers) that need have no other functionality than personality. 


All images are sourced via Pinterest - click here to see originals and more styled imagery


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