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No single design element determines the look and feel of a room more than your choice of lighting. The elements of perfect lighting include function, flexibility and whether the lighting choices complement the way you live in a certain space. It’s a lot to wrangle so here’s a guide that can shine a light on how to achieve great spring lighting solutions – for any room.  

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    There are three broad categories of lighting that can help you narrow down your choices. These are General Lighting (sometimes referred to as Ambient Lighting) Task Lighting, and Accent lighting. Within those categories there are a number of solutions you can choose from, including: Ceiling Mounted Lighting Pendants Recessed Lighting Track and Spot Lighting Wall Sconces Table and Desk Lamps, and Floor Lamps When making a choice between all these options - consider first the function. Desk lamps are usually provide reading light. Pendants, ceiling lights and floor lamps are usually to fill an entire room or for ambience. Wall lights may be used to highlight some art, decor or an architectural design feature.



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    Along with your choice of lighting solutions, there lies the choice of LED light bulbs. It can be confusing, but it’s good to know that the higher the colour temperature of a globe is, the cooler the light. Colour temperature of a light bulb is described in the measurement of Kelvins, which has the symbol K. A vintage-inspired LED globe has a warm colour temperature of around 2400K. This choice gives off a soft yellow, warm light, while a cool, white LED light bulb has a colour temperature of around 5700K. To simplify it even further, think of the warm glow of candles – and this would give you an indication of a bulb that is low in Kelvins, but high in warmth.



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    Warmer lighting is best used in any space where you want to feel relaxed. Some of the obvious choices for warm lighting would be living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Think of any space that is task oriented, such as a kitchen, bathroom, a desk or even the garage. In these spaces, a cool light bulb would likely be your ideal choice.



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    How do I choose a light for a room? If you’re not sure whether warm or cool lighting will suit, one solution is mixing your bulb choices in a single room. A common example can be found in a bedroom - where both sleep and study are required. Use lamps to break up the temperatures - with a cool globe for the desk lamp and warmer globes for your bedside tables.



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    The choices for outdoor lighting is huge, but first decide whether you want the outdoor lighting to be permanent, or occasional, such as lanterns, candles and fairy lights. This will determine your budget and the types of outdoor lighting you choose. Exterior lighting should be as welcoming and practical as your interior lighting. You will require good outside lighting for security and safety reasons. Make sure the switches are easily accessible, or perhaps even operated by motion detection or timers. For outdoor entertainment areas, ensure the lighting is both warm and inviting and that the lighting does not directly hit people in the eyes. 



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    Dimmers are fabulous. Most mood-lighting issues can be solved with a dimmer and where possible, these little miracle workers should be added to every room. A well-placed light in front of a mirror doubles the effect. This can be a clever effect depending on the space and the ambience you are looking to create. There is often no need to light both sides of most garden pathways. One side can be lit to avoid the unattractive airplane landing strip effect in the garden. Alternatively, use well placed hurricane lamps to light the way.As a guide, the higher the ceiling and the larger the room; the bigger the light fitting. Do not hang any light fitting less than 2.15 (7 feet) from the ground, for obvious reasons. On average, pendant lights above tables should be hung approximately 1.8m from the floor, though it’s important to also consider the height of the table. 


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