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Light Up With Top 10 Ceiling Light Ideas

Getting the light right at home is important for our health, our mood, completing tasks safely (kitchen task lighting, we’re looking at you!) and can give your space a big hit of pizzazz. It’s safe to say that we love all things lighting around here, so we couldn’t resist taking a peek at the ceiling light styles that are set to be big news in 2022. Let’s explore how refreshing your ceiling light style gives your whole space a glow up.



1. Let’s Talk About Room Specific Lighting

The key things to think about when it comes to lighting are scale and size, function and style. Apart from that, feel free to go wild in the lighting aisle. A few years ago, a chandelier in the kitchen would have been unheard of, ditto woven rattan pendant in a contemporary home. These days it’s not uncommon to see all kinds of fittings in all kinds of spaces – anything goes! As a guiding principle though, commit to going bright in the kitchen and creating a welcoming ambience in the living room. Whatever you choose, remember the cardinal rules: have fun with lighting and always layer your lighting. Which brings us to….



2. Layering Lights Like A Pro

Layered lighting is designed to meet at the sweet spot between too bright and too dim. To achieve this, create a lighting scheme that incorporates different light sources. For a living space, this can be a combination of task lights, accent lighting and ceiling lights. If this feels too complicated to contemplate, pick a design theme, colour or material and replicate this in each fixture.



3. Trend Alert: Brass Hardware

New trend alert! Brass is coming in hot for 2022 as the accent feature for lighting. While gold, silver and nickel will always be forever favourites, brass is a welcome addition to those who love a warm metallic hue, without the eye-watering price tag of copper or rose gold.



4. Make A Statement With Oversized Lighting 

Add an oversized chandelier for an affordable and attention-grabbing makeover. Super-sizing your lighting is a fun way to jazz up any area. Try your kitchen, entryway, living space, anywhere! If a chandelier isn’t your style, go big with a woven rattan pendant, so-hot-right-now sculptural form, or other oversized beauty.


5. Go For Glam

Chandeliers have been synonymous with glamour since forever. Bring the bling with the sparkly goodness of chandeliers. No longer the exclusive preserve of entryways, formal dining and lounge spaces, these days you can find chandeliers hovering in a variety of settings.



6. Linear Lighting Love 

Say hello to linear lighting. We’re talking about long lines, simplified silhouettes and a style that skews towards contemporary. Although we will still be seeing statement lighting in sculptural forms, the simplicity of linear lighting could be just the ticket for people seeking to give their ceiling light style a low-key makeover.



7. Centred Pendants For A Sleek ‘N’ Chic Look 

Pendants look fab front and centre in any room. When you’re installing them, consider hanging them approximately 30cm- 50cm below a 2.4 metre ceiling. When it comes to using pendant lighting to provide illuminating task light, a 76cm - to 92cm clearance above tables and countertops is ideal. 



8. Natural Finishes And Raw Textures 

A calm, relaxing space is at the top of everyone’s home interiors wishlist. While we are all familiar with furniture crafted from rattan, wooden beads, wood materials, and natural textures, we’re going to find pendants and chandeliers in these materials too. From wooden beaded chandeliers to woven sculptural wonders, bring some natural calm into your lighting world.



9. Get Your Glow On With Subtle And Gentle Lighting Ideas

A subtle, gentle, lighting scheme that illuminates your space with soft, diffused light is a new entrant to the world of lighting trends. Essentially, we are talking about using light to create an open and airy feel where the light does not dominate the space, but rather makes room for other art and décor elements. Very 2022!



10. Lights Up!

In the immortal words of Harry Styles: “Step into the light. Shine.” Trends come and go, but your own style is eternal. So choose a lighting scheme that makes your heart sing when you step into the room, and you can’t go wrong.







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