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Magdalena Roze // On Interior Style And Mothering

Magdalena Roze Byron Bay

Image supplied courtesy of Plum. Photographer Rob Palmer.

Award-winning television personality, meteorologist, author and mother Magdalena Roze is one of those instantly likeable, funny, kind hearted and honest women who you just want to be friends with. She’s also ever so inspiring and down-to-earth. She traded life in the media fast lane for a subdued and serene existence in Byron Bay two years ago and let’s just say she’s been busy; and even busier since her adorable son Archie arrived last year.

Image supplied courtesy of Plum. Photographer Rob Palmer.


Roze and her chef husband Darren Robertson relocated from Sydney to Byron Bay, where Robertson opened a second Three Blue Ducks restaurant at The Farm at Byron Bay, a project celebrating sustainability, farm produce and food education. “Making the tree change to Byron forced me to reconsider my career and prioritise my commitments and, unexpectedly, it’s opened up other opportunities” Says Roze. Now, Magdalena Roze has become a champion for rural mums, wholefood cooking and a laid-back family lifestyle. We chat with gorgeous Magdalena Roze about her new book “HAPPY AND WHOLE” and all things motherhood and family.


You have quite a large amount of versatile and impressive talents, can you tell us a little about yourself — where did you grow up, what did you study and what path led you to what you are doing today?

I studied Media and Communications at Sydney Uni and started working in TV straight away. While I was at The Weather Channel I went back to study Atmospheric Science. I have been a TV presenter for most of my career but I’ve always been passionate about food, wellness and lifestyle so I started to explore that side of things more when we made the move to Byron Bay.


You have just launched you're amazing new book HAPPY AND WHOLE, which explores all things whole food, weather and lifestyle; are they your main passions in life?

Yes, the book brings together all my passions and I really put my heart and soul into it so it really is me in a book.


Image supplied courtesy of Plum. Photographer Rob Palmer.


Since becoming a parent, what philosophy do you find yourself feeling more strongly about?

Living as natural a life as we possibly can in the modern world and feeding Archie real, whole food. I think that strong and nourishing food foundations set us up for life physically and mentally. The other one would be embracing imperfection and unpredictability!


What do you think is one of the most valuable things that motherhood has taught you?

Unconditional love, patience and the importance of family. I took for granted the family outings and weekend trips my parents used to do with us but now I know how great they were for our imagination, creativity, health and overall happiness. We try and spend as much time in nature as possible. Like the answer above, it has also taught me to embrace imperfection and not to sweat the small stuff.


Can you give us a glimpse into how your day starts and ends with the ever so gorgeous Archie?

He wakes up at about 6am and then I bring him into our bed for a cuddle and a morning feed. We then have breakfast which is usually porridge with fruit and nut butter. By 7.30am, Darren and I are dying for a coffee so we go out for a flat white and do the crossword. It’s our much-loved ritual but with Archie up and about we’re lucky to get through half of it! Daz then usually goes to work and I take Archie to the park or river to play and then we go home for his 11am sleep. During his nap, I catch up on work (it has made me much more efficient) and I’ll get our lunch on which might be a soup, stew or pasta. I like to cook things that are simple, nourishing and slow cooked so they easier for Archie to digest and chew. When Archie wakes up after a couple of hours, we have our lunch and then we might bake something together, meet with some other mums and kids or go off on some adventure somewhere. Sometimes we just hang at home or he comes with me to a meeting. We like to do a walk on the beach as a family around 5pm, have dinner around 5.30pm, bath at 6.30pm and then bed by 7pm. Darren and I often save our dinner and a glass of wine for after the baby is asleep. We try and relax but some nights it’s my only chance to work since I’m with the baby during the day. I basically try and work when Archie sleeps (that’s how I did the book!) and but when I have a full work day such as a shoot or I’m hosting something, then I’ll being Archie with me or he’ll be with Darren or my mum when she comes to visit. As a mum, I often think about family traditions-my own growing up, and those that I would like to install.


Can you tell us a bit about the ones you've created with Archie?

We always ate our meals at the table together and that’s something I try and do with Archie. Food is such a big part of our lives and I like the conversation (and chaos!) it can bring.


Image supplied courtesy of Plum. Photographer Rob Palmer.


Both you and Darren are supremely productive creatives with pretty demanding schedules. How do you share parenting — and do you possess some sort of secret for divining energy for this type of work in amongst the daily kid chaos?

We’re very supportive of each other’s careers and ambitions so we regularly have little family meetings where we work out what opportunities or commitments are coming up and how we juggle them between us. Our priority is the family and being together as much as possible, and my primary role is mum to Archie (and “family manager”, as Daz would say!), so if we can’t work around that, we don’t do it. It takes a bit of juggling and a lot of communication! Hopefully, it will slow down a little soon!


Becoming a Mum is rich and rough in equal parts. What have you found to be the most challenging aspects of your newish reality?

The lack of sleep and unpredictability, and navigating the new “mother” identity with my old self. It’s hard to make time for yourself let alone work as a mum, our powerful instinct is to be 100% focused on our children so it takes a bit of effort and rationalising to make “me time” but it’s always of great value. Having become a mother, I’ve also come to realise that there is a lot of pressure on women and men to “do it all,” and is it even possible? In earlier societies, there was a lot more support and community readily available to help out with everything from house chores to cooking to childcare to just having a chat. It was the norm. But today, many women are doing it alone which can be overwhelming. I personally crave community more than ever since becoming a mum, and have made a conscious effort to create a sisterhood and spend as much time with them as I can. I always feel “lighter” when we’re all together.


How would you describe your personal home interior style post Archie?

Our place in Byron is very much influenced by Byron itself so it’s inspired by the coast and a touch of boho. I like to purchase things that I love and keep them forever so they need to be quite timeless. For this reason I mix up more classic scandi style pieces with a bit of beachy boho to get the balance. I also like to keep things fresh, clean, simple and clutter-free as I feel that it helps us all chill out. I’m very drawn to natural textures and colours and the feeling of nature in the home with indoor plants. I try to create a sense of calm and comfort in the home. There’s a lot of white! I’m in denial that I live with a baby and scruffy surfer!


When preparing for Archies arrival were you a mum to be that had the nursery ready and waiting or did you leave it to the last minute? What were your interior goals in the space you created for Archie?

We moved into our house when I was 39 weeks so it was very last minute with no nursery. He slept in a cot in our room for the first year and when he started sleeping through at around one year, which mean’t I didn’t have to do night feeds, we created the nursery so this was only a few months ago! Like most babies, he still goes through phases of waking in the night but in general, he now sleeps most of the night which has been a saviour. Like the rest of the home, Archie’s nursery is based on natural colours, textures and tones so white, blue, grey and timber.


You returned to work several months after Archies birth. How have you been supported to do this; what does your “village” look like?

I do most of my work with Archie, so when I was writing the book he was on the kitchen floor playing with pots and pans, and I often bring him with me to shoots. My mum has been a big help with the bigger jobs when I need someone there and have a wonderful group of mama friends in Byron that I catch with almost daily for a coffee, dinner or swim. And of course, Darren is a big part of my village :)


Juggling mum/work/family and friend /self time is not for the faint hearted; especially when you throw the creation of a new book and pod cast series into the mix! How do you work towards balance?

I strive towards “balance” but I don’t expect to have it all sorted because I don’t think we really can. And just knowing that takes the pressure off! I have become much better at saying no, valuing my time and my worth and being efficient which really helps, and living in Byron Bay helps me slow down. The truth is, it’s still a bit hectic and I think that’s just the way we are!


Can you list for us your top resources across any media that you turn to when your in need of creative inspiration?

I love magazines like Kinfolk, Gather, Lunch Lady, Breathe and Smith Journal. And food series like Chef’s Table and Mind of a Chef are hugely inspiring. I also love reading cook books. Darren and I have quite a large collection and we love hanging out in book stores.


Which other Australian creatives are you loving at the moment?

I think Joost Bakker is amazing.


What would be your dream creative project?

Oooh, this is a tough one. I must say that I absolutely loved making my book and the podcast so I’d like to build on these. Darren and I often talk about buying a property and creating a food and accommodation space, and I’d love to design my own homewares range.


Moving across time, what kind of adult might you like Archie to grow into?

I’d like him to be confident, kind, compassionate and happy with a purpose and passion he loves, and a love food!


FAVOURITES (quick questions)

Clothing brand? First Born knitwear.
Activity or outing? Anything at the beach and cooking.
Dinner destination? Fratelli Paradiso, Potts Point.
Book or show? I love both but now that we’re in the country, a show is such a novelty!
Interiors item? Our Mark Tuckey dining table.

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