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Mamma Mia - Why We Love Italian And Tuscany Inspired Interiors

Who doesn’t love Italy? The famously warm and charming Italian people, the art, the historic, crumbling stone walls, the sun-washed hillsides, vineyards and rustic farmhouses. All of these elements especially evoke the unique charm of Tuscany, the warm and stylish heart of Italy.



Italy is home to one of the most coveted lifestyles to be found anywhere in the world. While Italian styles and decor vary - from the formal, gold-gilded Renaissance of Milan and Venice, to the earthy and romantic country-style of Tuscany - the common denominator of each of these Italian styles of decor. Italy has long been regarded as home to masterful craftsmen and exquisite design.


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From heavily gilded antiques, to rustic, country style furniture, Italy is famed for its high-quality furniture. Venetian glass and mirrors offer an insight into exquisite and delicate craftsmanship. Wrought iron, marble, mirror and wood are the more popular materials that make up Italian furniture traditionally.

Alternatively, If ‘old world charm’ and gilded opulence don’t fit your home’s style, then look to Italian contemporary furniture for a modern twist. This hallmark style oozes luxury and modernism. High-quality Italian leather, in particular, is loved by designers and stylists alike, and often can be an expensive, but sleek choice for investment pieces such as lounges and accent chairs.


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Tuscany is known for its peaceful, warm countryside. Tuscan-style decorating reflects this elegant, yet casual country style of living. A Tuscan style home usually starts with terracotta floor tiles, shuttered windows, and finishes with high, wood-beamed ceilings. 

Some of the more iconic elements of Tuscan Style décor include intricately worked wrought iron, exposed stone, marble flooring and sturdy, yet stylish furniture.  Richly woven textiles and handcrafted or hand-painted details also evoke the craftsmanship and flair for which Tuscany is famed.


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Tuscany style interiors feature beautiful, sun-drenched colours which are soft and warm, never cold and harsh. Think soft terracotta, dusty greens, earthy ochre and brick reds teamed with tawny and golden yellows. 

Top it off with natural woods, cream details, and gentle, gold highlights and you have all the evocative colours of Tuscany.  Lucky for us, they also work well in our warm and sunny part of the world.

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Inspired by the hills of Italy, Tuscan style furniture is both rustic and elegant and easy to incorporate into our Australian homes. Some of the more famous hallmarks of Tuscan furniture include aged finishes, iron scrollwork, and intricate patterns that are never overdone, but rather used both sparingly, and stylishly. Italian furniture from the Tuscan region of Italy is often found to be lovingly well worn, either by age or by design.

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