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5 Top Room Divider Tips – How To Make Stylish Spaces

Room dividers can be both incredibly practical, as well as elegant. Conjuring up images of opulent regency boudoir room screens to sleek Japanese rice paper room dividers, the style can be as varied as the many functional uses of room dividers.


1. Contemporary Room Divider Ideas

A wonderful aspect of room dividers is they are limited only by your imagination. The most obvious use of a room screen is to divide a space. But why would you want to divide a space? It could be for privacy, or to separate a space’s various functions, or simply to add visual interest. 

Whatever the use, you need to balance the visual, flexibility and functionality requirements before choosing a room screen. Below are some contemporary ideas and stylish options for room dividers.


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2. Room Screens for Privacy

Ideal for screening off a space for dressing or any intimate activity, the most obvious reason to use a room divider is for privacy. Many contemporary homes are designed with an abundance of ‘open living’ spaces, providing little privacy. The addition of a room divider can be an affordable, practical, and pleasing option to erecting a wall.



3. Create a Separate Home Office Space with a Room Divider

With so many of us now working from home, the need for a separate space in the home to operate as a designated home office is a growing trend. 

The style of room screens for home offices vary, but they tend to be more practical than the more opulent room screen options used in say, a dining room or bedroom.



4. Use Bookshelves as Room Dividers

This option is ideal for creating a home office space (as above), but bookshelves doubling as a room divider also work really well in a living space. For interest and character, the bookshelf can also be styled not only with books but with personal pieces such as travel mementos, photos, and art. 

A good example is a stylish bookshelf that runs behind a sofa to divide an open living space into a defined lounge room and dining room.



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5. Add Interest and Style with a Room Screen

A stylish room screen can introduce interest and colour into almost any room. For instance, I have a lovely screen that I once used for privacy in a huge open space I lived in years ago. Today, I don’t need to divide any spaces, but the screen is happily placed against a wall, behind a daybed. While not practically required, the screen adds colour and texture - as well as elegantly defining the day bed space. In other words, with some imagination - there’s always a place for a stylish room divider.

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