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Sideboard Styling Ideas: A World Of Options

A sideboard can be a feature in its own right or a practical wallflower that quietly stashes a lifetime of valuables and still manages to catch eyes. It is one of the most fun pieces to strategise and style - the mix and match approach of eras and aesthetics is welcome, or there are hundreds-plus-one ways to assemble clean, elegant elements that together pop and create intrigue.
Where there's space, consider a sideboard in every room of the house, which can anchor the whole home decor and, importantly, take care of an entire home's storage needs.


There's nothing more timeless than a sideboard as showcase for an arrangement of natural elements, from bright or dried flowers and pot plants to a bold flash of wallpaper that brings fresh air in and adds a retro touch. Choose a woody or polished piece that brings life into a dark hallway or can give shape to a room endlessly blasted with sunlight.




Keep things light and refined with a vintage-inspired sideboard that is tinged with contemporary design, then style it with clean décor based in white. These are beautiful examples of arranging just a few warm, bright pieces - from books and vases to a signature art piece - that together support and reflect all that fun and cosy home life without any cluttering. Stylish wall mirrors are also a classic sideboard element that draws eyes and brightens any space. 




 From clean lines to busy arrangements with character and flair. It takes a brave eye to style different patterns, textures and tones together and the effect can be delightful. Experiment as you go - bold colours can really vibe in spacious and white rooms, while a gentle mix and match of palettes and patterns suits a cosy sitting room, especially in winter. You could redecorate with the seasons. Here are gorgeous displays of combining elements that together become softly surprising and create an exotic feature for guests to oooh and ahhh over.





A gentle pastel sideboard can brighten a room that might crave more light and pastels with playful geometric designs can bring whimsy into any dark or especially bare space. Hang the space around with complementary paintings and experiment with shapes for accessories, especially lamps that can be as theatrical or as refined as need be.



Style elements so don't need to have a practical purpose. Use a sideboard to create a sculptural feature in a large living room or a hallway, working the shapes and colours of the sideboard together with the wall it stands aside of. These glamorous arrangements don't need to be anything but an aesthetic delight - and the empty vases and space inside the sideboards are just bonuses.





Some sideboard stylings are so cosy, you'll want to curl up and fall asleep by them, fire roaring or not. Embrace rich or dark colour palettes with an arrangement of artwork that tells a story and make a nook of it with a luxurious armchair or rug that invites the rest of the world to take a step back for a while.




It's possible to frame a whole home's décor around a medley of timber sideboards. Timber, however raw or polished is classic sideboard material and there are so many designs, whether clean and sharp contemporary designs, classy vintage, or playfully retro. Create a look or an era in every room and style accordingly with artwork and nature, then use accessories such as candles or sculptural accessories as surprise elements.





 If choice becomes overwhelming, go with retro and don't second guess - but do look back (wink wink). Which era will it be: whimsical, social 50s? Bold, sharp 60s? Sultry, stylish art deco? For some retro looks, the sideboard says it all with barely an accessory needed for the style to pop. Other vintage sideboards stand fabulously alone yet also offer a playground for playing with colour and design elements that can anchor a room in times that will never pass, in our hearts or at home.





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