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The 10 Most Stylish Ideas for Armoires

Armoire is a French word, derived from armarie, meaning "cupboard or bookcase," and its Latin root translating to “a closet for storing implements or tools." Today, this classic piece of furniture is defined as movable and contains some shelving, and / or hanging space, and sometime, even drawers. Fun fact: the original armoires were also renowned for storing arms – as in weapons!


1. The Classic Armoire Design

Today, an armoire is recognised as a versatile, free-standing cupboard. The original armoires however were designed by André-Charles Boulle, the cabinetmaker to the King of Lush, Louis XIV in the 17th century. These original armoires are recognised amongst the most sumptuous and elegant pieces of Western furniture and are reproduced to great demand.


2. An Armoire Wardrobe

While not traditionally a large piece of furniture, an armoire can be ideal for a small wardrobe in a spare room, as a child’s wardrobe or in a second home. Alternatively, an armoire can be the perfect storage solution for a small range of clothing such as coats and jackets. 


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3. Antique Armoires

Many armoires are genuine antiques, and naturally for aficionados, collectable antiques are always desirable. However, armoires and their versatile design are such a popular and stylish household item today, that there is a wide range of affordable, quality contemporary armoires.


4. The Bedroom Armoire

The armoire is so romantic in its classical design that it is perfectly at home in the boudoir. An armoire in the bedroom could be used to store almost anything. With shelves you could store personal items, from bed linen to lingerie. 


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 5. An Armoire for General Storage

One of the most practical aspects of armoires is their versatility, providing storage for almost any household items, in any room in the home. From internal shelving, drawers or hanging rails, it is the difference in the interior fittings that will dictate the purpose of your armoire.


6. Rustic Armoires

Lovely rustic armoires evoke all the charm of bygone eras. As with antiques, there are certainly original rustic armoires available, though there are widely available contemporary armoires that are designed to emulate pre-loved, rustic armoires.


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 7. The Repurposed Armoire 

An armoire can vary widely in its design and its purpose. For instance, an armoire may have been originally designed to hang clothing items, yet it could be easily repurposed to store anything from kitchen items, to books or even your TV screen, by simply adding shelves and drawers to the interior of your armoire.


8. Armoire Shelving

Shelving could be an original feature of your armoire, or shelves may be something that you to would like add to the interior of your armoire. The addition of shelving should be an easy DIY chore for even the moderately experienced handyman or woman. Try to choose quality timber shelving, in keeping with the exterior of the armoire.


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9. Handles and Knobs for Armoires

Like many pieces of furniture, the armoire would always benefit from a stylish handle or knob to complete the exterior of your armoire. Ideally choose your handle or knob to suit the style of your armoire, such as a contemporary, antique or rustic choice.


10. An Armoire Bookcase / Home Office / TV

Another popular use of the armoire today is to store books and even computers. By adding a range of shelving heights, you should be able to configure your books, your paperwork, printer and computer to fit. One of the great advantages of armoires is you can simply shut the doors when access is not required and you are left with a timelessly attractive piece of furniture.




 Images via Pinterest

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