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It’s official. The design world has spoken and the era of mismatched dining chairs is well and truly upon us. Mismatched dining chairs may seem like a tricky to look pull-off, but when it’s done right the result is a gloriously eclectic design statement that makes your interiors really sing. Read on for some pro-design tips to make sure you are ready to master the trend.


Why Mismatched Dining Chairs?

Well, why not? Mismatched dining chairs add masses of personality and interest to any room, as well as giving your interiors a coveted eclectic-chic feel that will never go out of style. And what’s more, it’s a look that is all yours. Custom interiors are a shortcut to giving your home a super-stylish feel and mismatched chairs are a styling technique that won’t break the bank!


The one rule you can never break

While there are many approaches to embracing this look, the one thing experts do agree on is keeping the height among your dining chairs consistent. Having chairs at a similar height is key and it’s crucial to get this right before you begin mixing and matching chairs with abandon – or restraint!


Colours to consider

If you are diving boldly into the colour spectrum, one approach can be to keep the style of chair consistent while varying the colour. This is a fun way to inject a pop (or pops) of colour into a dining space and works really well with a classic chair design. Another approach is to vary the chair types and designs but keep the colours to complementary hues. It’s amazing how many diverse styles you can mix and match by sticking to one colour range. Black and white is a low-risk colour scheme that is popular with good reason and plays into the trend of monochromic design with a dramatic pay-off. Think about the overall style of your dining space and let this help guide your design process.


Ways to Style it

Keep the look cohesive by mixing and matching in pairs. With this in mind, you can ease your way into the trend by changing the two chairs at each end of your dining table. The result will be a composed, symmetrical look that is always pleasing to the eye while adding interest than an-all-in matching set. For a chic look try placing a pair along one side of your dining table. Or place opposite chairs in each corner, which gives all the benefits of a pair and the interest of an unexpected styling arrangement.


It’s all about form

Think about form when you’re curating the mix of chairs. You can vary the style and era as subtly or boldly as you wish, but keep in mind the overall look of each chair. Pairings of similar shapes will always be a success story, as will chairs that share a similar design story such as ornate traditional shapes or chairs with a modernist sensibility. Keeping the design language and visual weight consistent is a simple way to create and harmonious feel and make some interiors magic in your dining room.





Minori Dining Chair Black Velvet

Our Price $239.00
RRP $320

Minori Dining Chair Navy Velvet

Our Price $239.00
RRP $320

Minori Dining Chair Santorini Black

Our Price $239.00
RRP $320

Maestro Dining Chair Black Velvet

Our Price $309.00
RRP $415

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