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Image via Pinterest
A gorgeous, solid bedroom commode — be it retro, sleek and contemporary, storied and antique — can be the foundation for a bedroom that you just might want to live in. (Though the world is calling.) When you can pair it with its equal bedside table in a bedroom set, then you’re making a statement both to yourself and your visiting world: your style, your comfort, your story deserves the spotlight. Round mirrors pair for ultimate glamour many designer commodes need very little adornment, yet a voluptuous mirror will always complete the picture, adding style with its shapely pairing and bringing the Hollywood studio into any bedroom décor, from minimal to French provincial to a black and white space that just beckons for a photoshoot.


Hexagon Mirrors add a Bit of Extra Retro

Images via Pinterest
It’s both a natural and a dapper shape that has a 60s-to-70s vibe — grandly hang a large hexagon mirror (gold or brass framed, perhaps) over a chest of drawers or bedside table of the same eras and own the room with retro. Or let it be a feature funky element among otherwise contemporary and streamlined décor.


A Showcase for Plants and Flowers

Images via Pinterest
There’s nothing as simply stylish and inspiring than a vase bursting with flowers on a well-chosen commode, tallboy or bedside table. Make space in your budget and time for flower picking and plant watering — an arrangement of garden blooms or lush, lively branches draws the eye to your furniture and brings life and fragrance into the room you retreat to and wake up in every day.


When Knick Knacks Have Purpose

Images via Pinterest
Use your commode or chest of drawers to decorate a whole wall or bedroom corner with pieces that are pretty much purely about style and… things you like! Choose a commode with character — it could be antique or new and highly designed — and frame it with wall art, candle holders, antique accessories that together create a narrative for the bedroom, no matter how simply you’ve styled the rest of it.


White is Forever Classy

Images via Pinterest
Both classic and contemporary, cosy and sparkling, white is a no-brainer style choice for your bedroom set. Allow a new or vintage white chest of drawers or commode to ground the rest of the aesthetics — Scandinavian and minimalist, or bucolic and French Provincial — or choose it as a clean and calming element among bohemian or vintage décor where different pieces live together.


Bring the Rest of the World In

Images via Pinterest
Shop for a piece or a set designed or crafted in a part of the world that soothes and attracts hearts and eyes with its beauty and history — a Moroccan chest or commode brings a whole different look from a Mexican or Japanese piece, and all will expand your world, even as you’re indulging in a long Sunday lie in.


Go Naturally Vintage

Images via Pinterest
The rustic and pre-loved aesthetic is classic for a bedside table or bedroom set and there are many designer versions of pieces that may have graced the bedrooms of 50s or 70s celebrities, especially the most bohemian stars who carefully mismatched their vintage décor with aplomb.


An Antique Piece or Set Can Make the Bedroom 

Images via Pinterest
If retro feels half-hearted, embrace your inner historian and choose bedroom sets from as far back as your imagination desires — eras when finely crafted furniture was curated to stand alone and grand as works of art in their own right. Antique pieces may be intricately detailed, exquisitely polished or carefully rustic and can bring the comfort and style of the past into your most personal space.






Bone Inlay 9 Drawer Chest Honeycomb Black

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