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Image via Pinterest
Sleek to ornate, understated to oversized, from the floor to wall; we are talking mirrors. These sparkling beauties are beloved by designers for the depth and dimension they bring to interiors. They have been used for centuries to create an atmosphere of opulence and glamour (Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, we’re looking at you). But decorative mirrors are also popular among those with small spaces. These spaces can be a challenge to work with, but mirrors create the effect of a wider, brighter, airier and altogether bigger space. Read on to see how mirrors can be used to enhance your living spaces.


Smoke and Mirrors

Images via Pinterest
Mirrors can really make a space. They create the illusion of a much larger space by drawing the eye beyond the existing wall. Mirrors reflect light and will give the appearance of a lighter, breezier room. Whether you opt for a single sparkly frame or a perfect pair, curate mindfully when making your selections - we are aiming for considered luxe rather than circus sideshow. Designers advise choosing carefully what to reflect when placing mirrors. Reflecting a gorgeous chandelier or artwork effectively doubles your investment. Another clever placing is opposite a window, where the mirror will bring the outdoors indoors. In other words, a key rule when styling your mirrors is to avoid reflecting clutter, a TV or an unsightly view. Ideally, the sun will enter your room from one side and your gorgeous, strategically placed mirror will disperse that light throughout the room. It’s a trick designers swear by and it works like a charm every time.


Floor to the fore

Images via Pinterest
Where is your floor mirror hiding? On the back of the bathroom door, right? Or perhaps close by your wardrobe? Both of these positions make perfect sense if all you’re looking for is a final outfit check before you leave the house. But mirrors can do so much more. They brighten up your room and reflect some extra space where there is really only a dead-end wall. Well-positioned, a floor mirror can make a small room feel double its size. Mirrors can even serve as artwork. Coming in wood, metal, rattan, frameless and any other style you can think of, splurge on a floor mirror for the ultimate décor investment.


The Shape of Mirrors

Images via Pinterest
Mirrors literally come in any shape your heart desires. Just as there is no limit to the shapes and sizes, there is no shortage of the frames to reflect the style of your home. But the mirror of the moment is most definitely round and preferably large. They create a super chic design moment wherever you place them and you know it’s a winner when all the fancy designers are doing it. They also add interest by providing a subtle counterpoint to the straight lines that are typically found in living rooms. And of course, sunburst mirrors are so hot right now as part of the popularity of Mid-Century Modern style. Mirrors open up spaces, increase light and look damn good doing it. No wonder they’re cherished as must-haves when styling a space!



Images via Pinterest






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