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The World Of Table Lamps: Thin, Bright Or Spotlight

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Some lamps light whole spaces, while others bring the intrigue and atmosphere of spotlights. You might even curate many lamps in one space, so that all options are available with flicks of a few switches, plus the foundation of your décor is taken care of — table lamps are as much sculptures as they are lighting. Choosing table lamps involves consideration of many elements: the coordination of shade and stand is just the beginning. Think creatively and decoratively as these functional, yet ornamental pieces can be the personality of your rooms, whether curvy and ornamented, square with contrasting geometrics, or thin and elegant with all the subtle impact.


Go Classic and Matchy

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Black and silver or black and white lamps will always bring class, especially in a room decorated in bold colours or balancing artwork and furniture from different eras and areas. They are perfect for an art deco vibe and a pop of simplicity in any corner or even central. Or curate a pair or triplet as an anchor for the room’s elements and create a futuristic yet cosy effect.


Gold and Brass are Always Classy

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Both neutral and blingy, just one gold or brass table lamp can make a whole room pop. And when arranged together, a family of these satiny shaded lamps will take care of the décor choices for all seasons. Gold and brass tones are especially great for simple or muted rooms decorated in whites and creams, as well as spaces that need more natural light.


Futuristic (yet Subtle)

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Lamp designs bring eras with them: curvy, ceramic lamps speak a vintage look while glass and metal look to the future. While vintage lamps are most glorious among either vintage or minimalist décor, futuristic lamps can be delightfully tricky: bringing a retro vibe to clean, sleek rooms or adding a thoughtful context to otherwise traditional or retro spaces.


Lamps are Like Precious Jewels

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Think of lamps like jewels or jewellery: an elegantly mismatched necklace or a pair of interesting earrings can make an outfit and the more unique in design, the more personality in the whole outfit.


Two, Not One

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Two high-end lamps in whites, creams, greys or blacks add instant chic to your whole décor. The more elegant the design — voluptuous or slender — the more wow the impact.


Candles are Lamps Too

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Paired with a few stylish standing lamps, candles are elegant, timeless and they provide atmosphere with little effort. Embrace the intrigue of the flame: stock up on simple, white or cream candles —slim and tear-shaped — and go wild with beautiful, design-y or minimalist candle holders. Or explore the many contemporary, sustainable lamps designed to bring the look and romance of a candle without the wax and drip.







Elizabeth Table Lamp

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Brittany Table Lamp

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Trident Table Lamp

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Alison Table Lamp

Our Price $385.00
RRP $585

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