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Top 10 Dining Room Trends For 2021

The traditional, formal dining room that most of us grew up with was often one of the most under-used spaces in the home. What 2020 has taught us was our homes needed to be adaptable, comfortable and welcoming. Given that the dining room is having a moment, take the opportunity to update your dining space to truly reflect the styles of 2021.


1. Casual Style Dining Rooms

Our parents’ era of a formal dining room is a thing of the past for most of us. Our lives and our living spaces today are far more casual, user-friendly and dare I say it – more welcoming! Casual dining spaces do not require matchy-matchy tables and chairs – in fact they don’t even require chairs, casual benches are so much easier.


2. Multi-Functional Dining Rooms

Our homes have increasingly become our sanctuary, while also taking on new functions such as working and learning from home. For many, the dining room table, or dining room if you have one, has become a hub of various activities. Whether it’s where you gather and eat, work from or lay out your jigsaw puzzle, the dining table is getting a serious workout!


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3. Greenery in the Dining Room

The single most identifiable trend of 2020-2021 is bringing the outside in - and like most spaces in the home, the dining room is no exception.  Call it eco-fever or jungalow, fresh greenery is currently red hot. A vertical live greenery in the dining room, or a gorgeous, plant centrepiece, live plants add life, colour and oxygen to any space.


4. Round Dining Room Tables

The thing about round tables is no one dominates, there is no formality, or head of the table, allowing conversations to flow that much easier. The popularity of the round table also fits in with so many other 2021 interiors trends. Round tables save space, they are more casual and can be very versatile.  



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5. Incorporating Natural Materials in your Dining Room

Wood is mother nature’s gift for furniture. Wood by its very nature is hardwearing, warm and welcoming. Visually, almost every colour works with wood. Add some wicker chairs and you have the perfect, casual boho dining room space.


6. Al Fresco Dining Spaces

Who says your dining space has to be inside? Given most of Australia has a moderate climate, many more of us are choosing to dine, al fresco style. Add to that, for health reasons, it’s reassuring to entertain friends and family outdoors with plenty of fresh air on the menu. 



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 7. Dining Room Dividers - Create a Separate Dining Space

In small spaces especially, the room divider, or screen is fast growing trend. Screens provide the ideal solution to help you delineate a space for a function – such as dining. As the screen increases in popularity, there is now a wide range of styles available, ensuring room dividers are as stylish as they are practical.

8. Benches, Lightweight and Metal Based Chairs

This is where you can have fun breaking the rules. Industrial styled dining chairs, paired with an antique oak dining room table, or the opposite; traditional wood dining room chairs paired with an industrial, metal dining room table. Benches are also increasingly popular as our dining spaces become more casual.



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9. Perfect for Dining Rooms - Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are perfect to pair with dining spaces. Lighting - as we know - can transform the ambience of any space, but pendant lighting also adds a focus to the food. A pair or group of pendant lights can add style and interest to the dining space. 

10. Hot Colours for 2021 Styling

Pantones colours for 2021 are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a rather fabulous yellow). Other colour authorities predict a range of equally bold colours, that include a range of blues to deep purple. If you don’t want to go all out with a bold colour, it’s easy to add a dash of these hot colours to your dining room with your choices of soft furnishings, decor and simple accessories, such as napkins and placemats.



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Images sourced via Pinterest 




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