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Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Trends are so much more than ‘what’s hot right now’ - they’re a lifestyle choice. Come with us as we explore the evolution in styles and design movements that will be doing big things in 2022.


1. Bring the outdoors indoors and connect with nature

Biophilic design champions the idea that it is good for us to feel connected to nature while we are indoors at work, rest and play. At an architectural level, this means making sure there is plenty of natural light and fresh air, while pieces in raw timber, concrete and stone also have a part to play, alongside loads of indoor plants, fresh flowers and foliage. Although studies have found even images featuring nature help bring a calm feeling to your space. 


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2. Decorate with handmade beauty and artisanal pieces 

Make your home unique by eschewing “fast furniture” and embracing the timeless beauty of artisanal crafted or one-of-a-kind beauties. In 2022, we can expect to see people making considered investments in pieces to be treasured for a lifetime. 



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3. Living in the 70’s – retro style for modern times

If the idea of rattan everything, bold patterns, a hanging chair or a statement sofa are your idea of a good time, you’re in luck! The charming and playful retro stylings of the seventies are back. Keep it fresh by integrating a few elements in a contemporary setting: try a collection of bold cushions to get you started or introduce a few elements of rattan to bring this groovy trend home.



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4. Structural pieces and contoured curves

Structural style furniture and curves are as hot as ever. Whether they are built-in architectural features or the soft curves of a sofa, hanging chair, or tables, these pieces continue to be prized by designers as they bring a sense of ease, tranquility and fluidity to a space, while adding a huge dose of personality and interest. 


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 5. Maximalists, Assemble!

Although it may be one of the more challenging design aesthetics to pull-off successfully, maximalism is here in all its exhilarating pattern-clashing and textural mashup glory. If you’re new to maximalist style, experts suggest adding drama in small doses. Start small with breakfast nooks, powder rooms and entryways. Another clever way to incorporate a maximalist feel without making a huge commitment is to step outside your comfort zone and invest in a lamp that has big maximalist energy. Did somebody say chandelier?!


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6. Dreamy minimalism

Don’t worry, minimalists. Trends may come and go, but minimalism is eternal. When it’s done well, minimalism enhances the livability of your space – and that’s always in style! Given that the home office is here to stay, minimalism is a great style that will encourage a seamless transition from work to home. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with a of pop colour too! 



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7. Checks and stripes

Stripes, lines and checks are already starting to make their presence felt, but you can expect this look to hit the big time in 2022. Interior designers think this is a trend powered by our collective need to reflect some order in our homes after the upheaval of recent times. This is an easy trend to incorporate with clever use of décor: look for rugs, cushions, throws and artwork to give your space a fabulous symmetrical refresh that is both contemporary, timeless and very pleasing to the eye. The best news? This trend works in just about every style of décor and every room of the house!


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8. All hail the mighty tablescape

If your dining table is also your home office, a spectacular tablescape is a way to signal that the workday is done and it’s time to enjoy the simple pleasures of a shared meal with family and friends. Channel laidback sophistication and easy elegance with linen napkins, candles and flowers. 


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9. Active brights and vibrant hues

Trend forecasters WGSN and colour specialists Coloro recently collaborated on a project to forecast five of the key colours we will be seeing everywhere in the coming year. The results are in and although it includes a few soothing neutrals, the list is dominated by tropical brights and saturated hues. Think colours like bright fuchsia, saturated blues, rounded out by juicy orange – although orange in all its forms from dusty peach, amber and dusty coral will be making its way into our homes and workplaces. Artwork, soft furnishings and a statement chair or sofa can be ways to experience the trend – or you could go all out and paint a feature wall – which is also due to make a comeback next year!


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10. Sustainable choices

Of course, the theme uniting all of these trends is the idea of making a sustainable choice. Whether this means you are mindful of the kinds of materials you are introducing to your home, that you take on a “buy once, buy well” approach or you embrace a minimal style with statement features to ensure your home decor has longevity, is completely up to you.


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Images Via Pinterest



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