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Top 6 Sofa Trends To Covet In 2022

One of the most functional pieces of furniture in the home, the sofa can also be the design element that pulls together the entire living room, both functionally and stylistically. The quality of sofas and the range of styles available have never been better. But as with any era, as we head into 2022, there are some definite trends that apply to sofas that are worth considering. 


1. Form Meets Function – Comfort Is King

This is the number one, the non-negotiable demand that designers are hearing from those seeking a new sofa. Maybe it’s the increased time we’ve all spend on our sofas in recent times, but one thing is clear, our sofas need to be supremely comfortable. Designers have answered this demand with lush, oversized sofas that are as lush and as comfortable as they are stylish.


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2. Sofa Colours For 2022

Neutral colours will always be a popular and practical choice for sofas, and that isn’t about to change, with white, cream, camel and grey shades all in constant demand. But for those more daring in their choice of colours – and that is many of us, the reign of the colour purple continues, along with all shades of green, blue and burgundy also being very popular. But the standout bold colour choice to bring a burst of sunshine into your living room in 2022, is gold and other sunny shades of yellow and orange.


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3. Vintage Inspired Sofas – Always In Style

Whether it’s a genuine vintage sofa, or a contemporary sofa that is designed around the classic shapes of previous eras, everything old is new again. Inspirations for vintage-style sofas can vary from the classic, bulky 70s inspired couches, to the more delicate French-style, velvet sofas. Whatever era you prefer to draw your inspiration from, vintage never goes out of style.


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4. Eco Style Sofas Are Here To Stay

The demand for eco everything is huge – and for good reason, most of us understand that we need to consider our choices and how they impact our planet in the long term. Built to last and using sustainable materials, some of the latest eco choices include sofas that are designed using natural fibres such pure linen, cotton or velvet and even leather. The choice of colours for eco-designed sofas tend to be those that reflect nature, such as cream, camel, brown and grey. By definition a sustainable-designed sofa would be high quality, ensuring years of use and pleasure.


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5. Full Metal Effects – Metallic Finishes

Metal finishes and details have been a strong trend for furniture in the last few years, and this also applies to sofas. Expect to see a gleam of metallic used for sofa legs as a design highlight to continue to be popular. These metal finishes can add a dash of contemporary glamour and edge to the sofa and ultimately to the living space.


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6. Trend Alert – Geometric Details

Now this trend of incorporating geometric designs into the living room is red hot going into 2022. Sharp edges are sleek and contemporary, with geometric shapes and patterns as part of the design of your sofa, but it could also be achieved by how you lay out your living room and the other pieces of furniture in that space. At a pinch you could style your sofa with geometric-inspired soft cushions to create that slick, geometric look


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All Images Via Pinterest

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