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Top House Extension Ideas In Australia

There are so many reasons why you may be considering extending your home. A growing family is the most obvious motivation. But for others, the structure of the family may be evolving, and you find yourself needing more living space. For instance, children becoming young adults often find themselves in need of a more independent living space. 

Another reason to extend your home is you may be welcoming an older relative into the family home, or you may need to create a home office space. Another motivation that is increasingly prevalent is you may be considering a home extension for commercial reasons, especially if you live in a tourist-friendly region. 

Whatever your reasons to extend your home, another consideration is this will give you an opportunity to revisit your interiors, and in almost every case you will need to invest in some lovely new décor and furniture to complete to your new space.


Home Extension – Extra Space Without the Need to Move

This would be the most common consideration when it comes to extending your home. You love where you live, plus you may have strong ties to your community, such as children at local schools, but you find for various reasons you need more space. An extension to your existing home can present the win-win solution, providing you with all the benefits of extra space without the need to relocate.



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Adding Another Level to Your Home

Especially in cities where land is finite, many home extensions involve adding another storey to your existing home. For some growing families this solution can add more than extra space, it can provide greater privacy for both parents and children. The only question is; who gets the new upper level?



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The Semi-Attached Extension Solution

Extending your home out, rather than up, is frequently achieved by adding another wing or room to the existing home. This is an obvious and practical solution, but you can also add another layer of style to your home with this type of extension. A new wing or added room can introduce more light and an added flow to your floor plan, especially if the extension is contemporary in its design. The opportunity to seamlessly incorporate the interiors with the exteriors can also be a design highlight with this form of home extension.



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The Granny Flat / Contemporary Separate Bungalow Option

If you are lucky enough to have the room to extend your home with a separate dwelling, then the granny flat solution provides you with many options. Your separate granny flat can be a welcome source of income, or provide you with private guest quarters, or a separate home office, or indeed a small home for a family member. You may choose to build and furnish your granny flat in a completely different style to the main residence, or you may opt to design it in simpatico with your existing home. The options are many and the choices are all great with this popular option to extend your living space.


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