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Our Top Wall Panelling Ideas

So what is wall panelling? Wall panelling has been around for hundreds of years, commonly conjuring up images of Tudor period homes. This iconic style of wall panelling typically involved the use of wood, however this classic finish required skilled craftsmen to install, making this style of wall panelling an expensive proposition.

Today, wall panelling has evolved to a contemporary, affordable and popular décor trend. Wall panelling is now used to add interest to almost any space, it can also distract from less than perfect walls, as well as adding practical elements to your space, such as providing additional insulation or decorative shelving.


Types of Wall Panelling

While wall panelling previously typically involved the use of timber, today there is a wide range of contemporary, easy to use panelling materials such as Medium Density Fibreboards (MDF). These MDF ready-to-use materials are manufactured specifically for the use of wall panelling and are generally modestly priced. 

The panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and densities that ensure ease of installation, while also providing a durable and flexible solution for walls. Some MDF materials require little to no skill to install, allowing them to be used as a DIY option.


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Popular Wall Panelling Materials

Another reason why people are choosing wall panels is the growing variety of panel materials, textures, colours, shapes and sizes available. Other wall panelling options include the use of natural wood, recycled wood, chipboard, PVC panels, fabric panels and mirrored panels.

MDF panels are also available in a Moisture Resistant (MR) form, that makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. MDF wall panels are generally manufactured with the intention that they will be painted. Once fitted and painted, the beauty of these panels is they blend in beautifully and are difficult to distinguish from real wood wall panels.



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Contemporary Wall Panelling Ideas

Modern wall panelling can define a space, while also adding interest and character. Wall panelling can also be used in conjunction with wallpaper. This can create a dramatic, decorative effect that would work especially well in a living space, a dining room, or bedroom.

Wall panelling can also be used in any space that tiling might be used. For bathrooms or kitchens, moisture resistant wall panels can be an ideal option to tiling. Consider incorporating a shelf to the wall panels to provide storage for both bathrooms and kitchens spaces.



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Wall Panelling for Outside Spaces

Panelling in outside spaces, such as courtyards, verandahs and gardens can be an excellent décor choice, however choosing panels that are weather resistant is obviously paramount. Decorative, all-weather panels can add colour, texture and interest, transforming an outdoor space into a relaxing garden nook, or a stylish, al fresco dining space.


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