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Understanding Our Shipping Delays

At Interiors Online our priority is outstanding customer service, which we believe starts with clear communication. This year has thrown standard practices and daily processes into a grey area of uncertainty and we empathise that this can be frustrating. 

Be assured we are doing our utmost to maintain our shipping estimates, however, there are elements to this that are out of our control. We wanted to give you a clearer understanding on how we are affected, what we are experiencing and all that we are doing to combat delays.  


Read on to find out more about: 
  1. Is COVID-19 really impacting shipping?
  2. Why haven't I got a response yet about my product being shipped?
  3. Why we can't guarantee or predict shipment times currently. 



Is COVID-19 really STILL impacting shipping and causing delays?


The simple answer to this is yes.


We’re all fatigued from hearing about COVID-19, but unfortunately the precautions required are still relevant for many businesses, so cannot be ignored.


While it may be tempting to blame our suppliers for delays, they are working hard to get you your orders on time. The delays are mostly caused by adhering to government regulations, quarantine laws, inspections and new biosecurity procedures. These procedures are out of our control, and importantly, have been put in place to protect us all, but unfortunately, these regulations do have substantial knock-on effects down the supply chain.  


One of the major issues our suppliers are facing is that there has been a global reduction to all shipping containers, meaning there are no guarantees to when they will be dispatched. This also means that supplier’s shipment can be cancelled without notice.


Other circumstances are only exacerbating delays - such as the recent industrial action in Australian ports.


These issues are occurring worldwide and are impacting all businesses in the same manner.  We want to assure you that purchasing with Interiors Online means that your order will be processed as efficiently as possible and to note that our stock is secured from the next shipment.


We ask for your patience, and understanding that our suppliers are not above the law nor are singularly responsible for the delays.



Why am I not getting a response to my shipping query? 


Our suppliers want to spend their time and energy into getting your items shipped as fast as possible. With this in mind, we kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us or them for the same information repeatedly, as it only slows down the process further.


If a delivery isn’t something we can be definite on, then we don’t want to provide you false promises on timeframes. We endeavour to get back to you with updates as often as we can.  



Why can’t you better predict the shipping times and delays? 


We want to be adamant that our suppliers are doing their absolute best to predict delays, however, this is not always possible. 


Changing regulations, industrial actions, and random biosecurity checks can happen without warning and quickly change timelines. This is certainly difficult to navigate on a daily basis and puts strain on businesses. Many of the suppliers are focusing their labour in getting their products shipped as a first priority, rather than responding to inquiries until we know more clear information about your shipments ourselves.



We understand your frustration with delays on receiving your product, but we ask that you are sympathetic to the time and logistical challenges we are facing.




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