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4 Mirror Decorating Trends You Need to Know - Mirrors That Make A Statement

With the rise of the selfie, a good mirror is absolutely essential nowadays. It’s not all function first though. Mirrors are glamorous, shiny, sparkly and bounce light around a room like no other décor item. There’s a lot to love. No wonder they are so beloved of designers as a key finishing touch. Along with lighting, mirrors are an opportunity to do something really amazing with a room. Let’s make some magic!


1. Bone Inlay 

Bone inlay is all the rage currently and we can understand why. This traditional Indian-style craftsmanship brings an elegance to any room, be it the bathroom, bedroom or even a hallway. A delicate mixture of bone and resin creates an exotic eye-catching piece. 


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2. Lean It, a la French style

Modern French interior style is wildly covetable but somewhat tricky to emulate at home. Why? It’s something to do with a unique décor recipe that combines a love for tradition with a fearless approach to trying new things. However there is one element that is almost universal in any Parisian living space: if there is a mantlepiece, you will almost certainly find a mirror leaning on it. Bring the look to your own home by casually leaning a mid-sized mirror – in any style – on a mantlepiece, a ledge, or even the floor. 


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3. Large, Round, and in the Bathroom

Large, round mirrors are a simple shake-up that says “I’ve got the confidence to make bold design decisions”. One thing to keep in mind before you try this out at home is that part of your face might be cut off while you’re brushing your teeth. For some people, this will be a deal-breaker. But if you value having a cool mirror above being able to see every inch of yourself in the vanity, these bathing beauties are a real winner!


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4. Go Big or Go Home

Do you want to amplify light in your living space? Of course you do. Place a big, no, huge, mirror behind your sofa. That’s it. It’s a look you find in oh-so-hip boutique hotels because it just works, and it will work in your home too. It’s also a great way to anchor your sofa, in both large and small spaces. It’s surely a contender for the “Best look, least effort” category. When a mirror is this effective, it’s all you need.


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4. Multi-Function Mirrors

Is it art? Is it a mirror? Is it… both? Yes! Multi-function mirrors have emerged as a micro-trend for the coming season. Solving that age-old battle of fashion vs function, art mirrors bridge the gap and seamlessly marry form and function to give your space a revitalising pop, no matter where you hang them. There are many styles from contemporary, to playful, to avant-garde, to straight-out cool; Architectural Digest is calling them the ‘new macramé’ so you know it’s a look that is completely on-trend. Checking your outfit has never been so much fun.


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