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6 Top Tips For Choosing The Right Outdoor Furniture For Your Space

Great outdoor furniture not only brings comfort, purpose and functionality to your outdoor spaces but is also the perfect chance to inject some chic personal style into the alfresco areas of your home. Your outdoor spaces should offer the perfect balance between relaxation and entertainment. 


List It

Begin your quest for outdoor living perfection by really thinking about how you and yours would like your outdoor space to function. Make a list of all of the elements and things that you would like to have and do in your space and then use it as a guide to glean what type of furniture is necessary and how you can fit it all in. In this planning stage, it is also a great idea to take measurements of your space so that you can floor plan as you select pieces of furniture so as not to overcrowd your area.




Whilst the outdoor living areas of your home should be an extension of your indoor living spaces, they should not become part of your weekly cleaning schedule. If you opt for easy care pieces that can take whatever the elements throw at them then you will be sure to enjoy your outdoor space rather than see them as another dreaded cleaning chore! It is generally best to stick to materials such as all-weather cane, rattan teak, cedar and most metals.




When considering outdoor furniture there is a world of colourful finishes available and it can all get a little overwhelming! Whilst you should never limit yourself or your personal style, it is always best to stick with a neutral base colour palette for predominant pieces of furniture and then add colourful splashes into the mix with vibrant cushions, textiles and accent pieces, this will ensure aesthetic longevity from your look!




Outdoor spaces can tend to be light and airy which is wonderful but they sometimes need grounding and definition within their layout. An outdoor floor rug or two can be the perfect way to bring cohesiveness to your outdoor settings. There is also something about the luxuriousness of a soft outdoor rug underfoot that evokes a little of the comfort and chicness of the indoors, outside.




Outdoor areas tend to be limited in terms of the space available for furnishings a great way of maximising space and functionality is to select furniture that can double up on its purpose. Think bench seating with hidden storage, ottomans that can also work as extra seating should the need arise and side tables that can be moved around to provide extra table space for food, drinks or the occasional birthday cake platform! Choose furniture that will work hard for you, not the other way around.




Buying any furniture should be thought of as an investment and this could not be truer than with outdoor furniture where spending on quality rather than quantity is always ideal.  When it comes to outdoor furniture the age-old adage of “You really do get what you pay for” speaks volumes so it really is worth investing in good quality pieces first up to avoid future disappointment.






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