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6 Ways To Instantly Up Your Hallway Style Game

They say that first impressions count and with your home, the hallway is the very first glimpse into your style that people are offered - so why not make it count! Styling a hallway can be tricky, fiddly and its often easy to overlook easy steps you can take to revamp your space and up your style game. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of almost instant and effective updates that are sure to make a serious style statement in your hallway!


Adding a beautiful coloured, patterned or textured rug is a fabulous way to not only add warmth and personality to your interior but to also stop any excess dirt and debris from being tracked further into the interior of the home. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your rug and use it as the predominant style focal point of your hall. Textural jute rugs are also great as they add texture and are hardwearing, they especially suit the scandi, beachy or modern rustic aesthetics but are fairly universal in terms of style.




Why not play with colour in your hallway! From painting your front door a beautiful hue so that when it is opened it adds a splash of colour to your hallway to painting your whole hallway in a feature colour from dark and broody to bright and punchy, its bound to make a stylistic impact that won't be forgotten!




Mirrors are hugely on trend at the moment and are an inspired and practical addition to any room of the home however they are especially perfect for adding to a hallway. Due to their reflective natures, mirrors are made for small spaces such as hallways, where they will help to reflect the light and give the illusion of more space within your hall. They get bonus brownie points for also providing last minute hair, outfit or lipstick checks as you race out the door. There are so many amazing mirrors on the market from rattan to leather bound circular options, take your time and consider the aesthetic you are wanting to achieve and remember when it comes to mirrors, bigger is always better.



Indoor green is the trend that is going to stick around forever so why not fill your hallway with some vibrant greenery that is sure to liven and freshen things up. Oversized pots with a statement plant can make the perfect accessory in your hallway as can hanging planters, potted plants placed on top of a hall stand or plants in plant stands grouped together. Greenery not only adds life to your hallway but helps to purify the air and after a day traipsing around in the hustle and bustle what better to come home to than clean air and inviting greenery.



Hallways are notorious for becoming dumping grounds for all those belongings we cart in and out of the house, umbrellas, shoes, coats, bags the list is endless and terrifying. Why not add a storage solution for these belongings that is both chic and oh so practical. Coat racks come in so many different shapes, styles and forms in the modern interior world so make sure you look at a few different options and look at what best suits you and your home's needs before committing. Complement your coat rack with a basket or two for shoe storage either in the hallway or outside the front door.



Commonly hallways always offer a vast amount of wall space just crying out to be decorated. With not much else going on, the hallway is prime for a statement piece of feature artwork or photography. From gallery wall hangs to oversized artworks and photographs there is no better place for it to be featured than the hallway. Keep the artwork or photography you choose cohesive with style and tone of your home, it is, after all, the very first peek at your interior visitors get and you want to make those first impressions count!





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