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What is Eclectic style?

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Why pick just one design profile or period when styling your house and home when you can go eclectic? Eclectic style is a mix of high and low, rugged and luxe, bold and quiet, and could be your new design best friend when styling your interiors. It lets you fill your space with the objects you love in a way that makes sense for you. Eclectic style broadcasts confidence in your design style and personality and, here’s the important part, all while keeping within the confines of good design principals. There is a fine line between chaos and contrast, and throwing all your favourites in together at random is likely to result in a mess rather than the beautifully styled space of your dreams. Read on for our guidelines in mastering this freewheeling, playful style.


The Art of Balance and Contrast

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Finding the sweet spot between contrast and cohesive is key to mastering eclectic style. The trick is to find enough common elements to make the space gel. Maintain balance by keeping proportions and silhouettes consistent and, if you’re not sure where to start, choose your must-have pieces and experiment with rugs, lighting, artwork and décor until it feels right.


Rhythm and Repetition

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In interior design, repetition is based on similar lines, shapes, forms, textures, colours or patterns throughout a space. Once you have decided on your must-haves, cast an eye around your space – including the architecture itself. If you have, for example, a gorgeous round coffee table and a dining table that is also round, this is the kind of motif you are looking for. Pull this into the room and bring in some other elements that echo the motif; round cushions, a rug or a floor mirror and this will give the room a sense of cohesiveness rather than a garage sale gone wild feel. Repetition unites the different elements in your room and allows the eye to move around in an organised way. And we don’t want anyone to miss a thing in our lovingly designed spaces, do we?!


Texture and Layers

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There are so many ways to have fun with the textures and layers of an eclectically styled room. Do you have a modern space? Consider feeling it with vintage-style pieces to add character. Do you have too many rugs (no such thing) and not enough space? Then consider layering rugs to bring twice the texture. Marry high shine finishes with matt ones, pair wood with plastic or rich, quilted velvet with a sisal rug. In eclectic style, opposites really do attract.



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Eclectic style has a reputation for being playful, and this is where the element of surprise can really elevate the feel of your room. Keep your treasures to a tight edit to keep the room from feeling overbearing and busy, rather than a collected, curated version of you.


Star of the show or odd one out?

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Star of the show, of course! If you have a piece you are absolutely crazy about but it doesn’t seem to gel with the other elements, this is the time to let it shine. Embrace the contrast and give your ‘odd one out’ pride of place and enjoy the unique, custom eclectic home you have created.






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